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Feb 7, 2014 06:50 AM

Good place to find Spanish (Spain) ingredients?

I'm trying to cook some Thomas Keller recipes and they call for Piment D'Esplette, Piquillo Peppers and Soffrito. Anybody know of a good place to find these? I can order them on Amazon but I prefer to buy local when I can (not that the food will be originally from here in this case). Kevin Gillespie mentions Piquillo Peppers in Fire in My Belly, but all the jarred stuff I've found has been bell peppers. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would try Buford Highway Farmers' Market, which seems to have every ingredient imaginable....

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    1. re: SJMDownunder

      Good call, I'm thinking of heading that way this week.

    2. I thought Sofrito was something you'd make rather than buy.

      If you don't find the for-sure piment, maybe one of the several varieties of paprika from somewhere like Penzey's would do the trick as a substitute.

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      1. re: ted

        I would rather make it, but the recipe is already at 3 hours to make with the Peperonata Rustica so I thought I'd buy the sofrito for this first go around. Haven't been to Penzey's yet but I'll have to check them out!

        1. re: jefheaton

          My parents ordered from there for several years before they opened a store in B'ham. And now there's the one in Sandy Springs. It's a little boutiquey and pricey compared to YDFM, but they have a tremendous variety of stuff.

          We really like the Vietnamese cinnamon.

      2. I've seen prepared Goya Sofrito at several Krogers. You might also try the Buford Highway Farmers Market for that and the other items. I didn't see fresh piquillo peppers last time I was there, but they might have jarred.

        (ETA: Oops, I see someone already recommended Buford.)

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        1. re: stgrove

          Good to know! I'll check out Kroger's international section.

        2. Found Piment D'Esplette at Alon's! Gonna try Kroger and the Buford Highway Farmers Market. Thanks for all the help!

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            For numerous items from Spain otherwise unavailable in the states, has cool stuff and reliable service.