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Feb 7, 2014 05:04 AM

Winter Storm--Cooking without electricity

Over 300,000 homes are still without power in my area. Fortunately we only lost electricity for 24 hours.

Since our gas stove was still working, I made dried mushroom risotto for dinner. It was easy...boxed chicken broth, rice, onion, dried mushrooms, seasoning, white wine and parmesan cheese.

Do you have any suggestions for stove top cooking during a power outage? Preferably using items just from the pantry.

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  1. Soup for the comfort and to fight the cold. Anything braised.

    1. I don't use my oven nearly as much as my cooktop so the sky's the limit really. Boneless chicken breasts, burgers, chops, pasta carbonara, omelettes. And on and on.

      1. A constant supply of hot tea and chocolate!

        Also, pancakes are cool and you can use oil rather than butter..

        1. I do most of my cooking on the gas stove top so it wouldn't be too hard to rustle up dinner. Also, the gas grill on the deck comes in handy when our power goes out!

          Chicken thighs browned in a CI pan with a sauce involving olives, capers, mustard, chicken stock, etc. Fried potatoes or latkes. Na'an, Korean type pancakes with green onions, shrimp, whatever. Dried beans in the stovetop pressure cooker, then "refried" in a CI skillet with peppers and cotija cheese scattered over.

          Glad your power is back on!