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Feb 7, 2014 04:45 AM

breakfast and dinner San Pedro/Crown Plaza

hello from Boston
Fingers crossed we'll be in San Pedro on Sunday staying at the Crown Plaza before heading up the coast to San Francisco. Looking for help with dinner on Sunday and breakfast on Monday within walking distance of the Crown Plaza. Public transport is an option too. We are good for a couple of miles each way so think beyond a couple of blocks. Thanks!

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  1. Given your "We are good for a couple of miles..." then I would say either Rex's Cafe or Pacific Diner are both good breakfast options.

    For dinner we have liked the 22nd Street Landing Seafood Grill & Bar

    1. San Pedro is a good breakfast town. For breakfast I like Rex Cafe for healthier options, Omelette & Waffle Shop and the Lighthouse Cafe

      For dinner, your hotel is very close to Neil's and not far from Raffaello Ristorante, both are good Italian places

      1. My dinner recommendation would be J Trani's -- I think it's the best in town.

        If you want to go somewhere that's not quite so spendy, I would recommend the Whale and Ale which is nearby -- good fish and chips.

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          thanks all. I've done a bit of research and had both Rex's and Omlette on the list of options. Good to get your endorsements too. I'm a breakfast gal and husband is more fish inclined so seems like a win/win.

        2. If you happen to like pico de gallo salsa on your omelet, don’t miss Pacific Diner. Over many years, that salsa has been consistently delicious.