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Anyone been to Harvest Kitchen?

Full tummy Feb 7, 2014 02:45 AM

Looked at the menu, and they seem to have a good range of veg and omni options.

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  1. ComerDemonio RE: Full tummy Feb 7, 2014 04:26 AM

    I've been three times (brunch once and two diners).

    I've never had so many apologies as at this restaurant. They seemed to be well intentioned but they miss more often than hit on the service side. At one dinner there was a fifteen minute delay between the delivery of one person's main and the rest of the peoples dishes.

    Brunch was awful. All the dishes were at best bland. Some were cold, some were burnt.

    Dinners were much better (aside from the service). There were no real misses and a lot of pretty good dishes. Kale salad worth repeating, non-traditional cassoulet was tasty, the curry bowl was spicier than expected.

    The beer and wine list are small and local and not expensive so they match well with the food.

    We really wanted to give this place a try because of the menu concept (both meat and veggie oriented dishes). We were hoping for an inexpensive local go to place. We will go back (for dinner) but it won't be a regular stop.

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    1. re: ComerDemonio
      Full tummy RE: ComerDemonio Feb 7, 2014 06:55 PM

      Oh too bad. I had really high hopes! Let me know if things improve.

    2. MissBingBing RE: Full tummy Feb 7, 2014 04:51 AM

      Do you mean Harvest Kitchen on Harbord?

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      1. re: MissBingBing
        justxpete RE: MissBingBing Feb 7, 2014 06:29 AM

        Are there many other restaurants called Harvest in Toronto? I took it to mean the one on Harbord.

        1. re: justxpete
          foodyDudey RE: justxpete Feb 7, 2014 06:33 AM

          Maybe it's this place

          Harvest Room



          25 Planchet Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2C5

          1. re: foodyDudey
            justxpete RE: foodyDudey Feb 7, 2014 06:35 AM

            Interesting. Which one were you referring to, ComerD?

        2. re: MissBingBing
          ComerDemonio RE: MissBingBing Feb 7, 2014 06:35 AM

          Yes, I was commenting on Harvest Kitchen on Harbord. I guess the veggie/omni menu comment led me to make an assumption.

          1. re: ComerDemonio
            Full tummy RE: ComerDemonio Feb 7, 2014 06:52 PM

            Yes, sorry, I meant Harvest Kitchen!!!

          2. re: MissBingBing
            Full tummy RE: MissBingBing Feb 7, 2014 06:56 PM

            Yes, sorry! Posting when half asleep is never a good idea...

          3. c
            CarNut RE: Full tummy Feb 8, 2014 08:53 PM

            Went for lunch a few weeks ago. Waiter was great but they were out of the no-meatball melt, and it took over 45 minutes to get the food once we ordered. Found the portions to be tiny and had to ask for missing components to the dishes. Won't be going back, though they were full, so don't think they'll miss me.

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            1. re: CarNut
              Full tummy RE: CarNut Feb 9, 2014 11:14 AM

              Oh bother! My high hopes have been dashed.

              1. re: Full tummy
                ComerDemonio RE: Full tummy Feb 9, 2014 01:12 PM

                I still think it's an okay place. The food can be pretty good and I think they care about the quality of their ingredients. You'll probably love it now that your expectations have been lowered from high to medium :)

            2. w
              Wino In Training RE: Full tummy Feb 10, 2014 07:40 AM

              Went for brunch yesterday. Food was OK, but the Spanish Tortilla was cold in the centre and barely lukewarm on the outside. They have lots of operational issues to work out.

              Fries and aioli were quite good though.

              The corn millet pancakes were very dry - needed to be drowned in syrup. Actually some jalapeno butter would have been good.

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              1. re: Wino In Training
                helenhelen RE: Wino In Training Feb 10, 2014 06:34 PM

                i believe that spanish tortilla is often served cold in spain.

                1. re: helenhelen
                  Wino In Training RE: helenhelen Feb 10, 2014 07:37 PM

                  Fair enough - but do it either all cold, or all warm. The inconsistency is the problem.

                  1. re: Wino In Training
                    Mila RE: Wino In Training Mar 7, 2014 04:23 PM

                    Spanish Tortilla is served room temperature. It is because it tastes best at room temperature and has been made fresh that day and will only be eaten on that day.

                    ...hopefully with some Romesco sauce
                    (not traditional ! just delicious)

              2. Full tummy RE: Full tummy Mar 6, 2014 07:31 PM

                Amy Pataki isn't a fan: http://www.thestar.com/#!/life/harves...

                Also, I had no idea the people behind JOV are behind HK. Hoping things improve.

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