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Gems in Capitol Hill?

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I'm short on time to do proper research so I'm hoping for a few suggestions for this part of Seattle...it's been a long time since I've been so I don't know if this is a relatively large geographical area or not. All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Spinasse, Quinn's, Poppy, Altura, Mamnoon, Sitka & Spruce, Terra Plata...

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      What Brunhilde said. And I will add Cafe Presse, Tavern Law for cocktails, and Barrio for upscale Mexican food.

      It is not a very large geographical area, and there is a lot of foot traffic throughout the evening.

    2. Ginger beer-based cocktails at Montana.

      I was very, very pleased with happy hour at Le Zinc (mmm, mussels!).

      1. Often I'll take an out-of-town guest on a happy hour walk through the south end of Capitol Hill and eat and drink our way through Barrio, Taylor Shellfish, Quinn's, Terra Plata, Montana, etc.