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Feb 6, 2014 11:13 PM

Sunday Jazz Brunch-FQ

Coming to NOLA for the first time end of March/Beginning of April. Staying in FQ and looking for suggestions for the best Sunday Jazz Brunch. Mainly looking for a chill, relaxed atmosphere where we can enjoy our meal leisurely and listen to the music and drink. Price does not matter. Super excited to come! My husband and I go to Vegas 3-4 times a year and am FINALLY convincing him to try something new!!! Hoping to fall in love all over again with each other and a new city!

Your friend from "up" the river in St. Louis

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  1. I think most people around here would try to steer you to Comander's since their Jazz Bruch is the best known and the restaurant is always at the top of everyone's list. Bt there are other ones--Antoine's started one a few years ago but since I don't go on Sunday I have no idea if they still do it--and Arnaud's has one. Court of Two Sisters (which nearly everyone dismisses)..Hell, sometimes I think just about everyone has one. And the food is largely set-in-stone. An egg/hollandaise concoction,maybe grits and grillades. So another consideration--and I have no idea the answer to this--is "who is playing" at the various places.

    As a rule I avoid them since it can be hard to have a conversation if the gang is nearby but every so often I'll go to CP.

    I'm sure there are people around here who are up-to-date on it.

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      Speaking as a food tourist, I have to recommend that everyone from out of town do Court of Two Sisters just once. The patio atmosphere makes up for any culinary shortcomings. One's first visit to the city is the ideal time for Court of Two Sisters--before one realizes just how high on the scale of greatness the city's food can be.

      1. re: LorenzoGA

        Hey, yeah, I know I'm always chiming in on Court of Two Sisters and saying it's not that bad and our experience there was great. Which it was...but you know what, Lorenzo? We didn't even go there till our fourth trip to New Orleans after dining at many, many other stalwarts. So I'd say it really doesn't matter when you try it your first time, second time, or whenever. Like you said, the courtyard is magical, especially at night, and on top of that, our food and service were just fine, so I will never be one of those people who say "don't go to Court of Two Sisters". It IS a must, at least once, like you say. Cheers!

      2. re: hazelhurst

        If we want to go to COTS for the ambiance, is it the type of place we could go for a drink in the evening as you suggest or must we get food... if so, is it permissible to have a drink and sharing something small to soak up the atmosphere but avoid eating a full meal?

        1. re: sufficientlybuttered

          I don't know what their policy is right now. I've had just a drink at almost every place in town but don't make a habit of it. Usually I am visiting someone or maybe doing my own business. The only time I get to COTS is for things like wedding receptions. If I spent $50-to-$75 in there I'd be thinking the whole time that I'd rather spend the $ at (A) , (B) or (C). I'd just call and ask.

          I still think it would be fun to get Besh and Link and Boswell and have them cook in there ---unannounced---for a month and see if anyone noticed (but word would get out I am sure). Kinda like that trick pulled every now and then when a World Class violinist plays in a subway station.

      3. Commander's Palace is as great as always, maybe at the peak of its game. But if you want to stay in the Quarter, we found that Muriel's, near Jackson Square, was great also.

        1. Cafe Atchafalaya has a very casual jazz brunch with a great DIY Bloody Mary bar. I perfer sitting away from the band so table conversation is the foreground and the music is the background. At many jazz brunches it can be the opposite. At some the band travels table to table like Creole Mariachis.

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            The mariachi analogy is apt I have been in the Tower room at Commanders on several occasions when the band wandered in. We have paid them $10 to play ust outside so we could talk.

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              i like Atchafalaya, but the DIY bloody mary bar at Tivoli & Lee blew it away. there werent many diners there, but the food was good and the BM bar amazing.

              1. re: kibbles

                i have to recant my endorsement of Tivoli & not sure what happened since they opened, but we went for brunch on sunday and it was terrible. poorly executed hotel food, almost everything overcooked...except the toast, which was not toasted at all. how do you screw up toast!? staff was also in outer space, despite having us outnumbered.

                sad, because i enjoyed their very well stocked bloody mary bar...but we're done there.

            2. Muriel's is wonderful. The food, service, and atmosphere make it a beautiful total package. And, if no event is taking place on the balcony, you can spend some time up there with a drink prior to (or after) provides a spectacular view of Jackson Square and IMO is very romantic.

              1. I haven't been in ages, but I would expect the jazz brunch at the Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel, just a couple of blocks from the Quarter, to be very good.