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Has anyone ever tried out any of the food sites like Cozymeal or BonAppetour?

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I am a big foodie and I recently came across the food sites Cozymeal (www.cozymeal.com) and BonAppetour (www.bonappetour.com) which let you eat at other people's homes.
The food looks good on their sites and I like the concept but I have never tried it myself.
Does anyone have any experience with any of these sites?

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  1. http://www.eatwith.com/#! Eat With is another one. A representative from Eat With visited CH last year for feedback.

    While I have used airbnb.com a dozen times so far, and many of those rental arrangements come with food components during your stay or can be arranged, I have not tried any stand alone hosted meals under the umbrella of a booking agent. I do like the concept and each company seems to have their regional coverage area in beta mode.

    I'd also enjoy reading CH feedback from both guests and hosts (participants) of these programs.

    1. I've done mealsharing.org in Berlin and Barcelona as a guest. It's a no cost meal sharing where the food probably isn't as fancy but I've had some great times in people's home. Since they aren't in it to make a buck, you usually end up with people that a good fit personality wise. We've hosted once in San Francisco and once in Berlin.

      In Barcelona we were going to meal/class through http://www.bonappetour.com but we found one that was cheaper and with a professional chef so I would compare prices.

      1. Thank you for your comments everyone. We just booked a meal with cozymeal and we are going to give it a try.

        HillJ, I live in San Francisco, so the feedback will be about a host here. Our meal is in a week and I will post my experience afterwards.

        tjinsf, cooking classes sound really fun. They also offer cooking classes on cozy meal but we ended up booking a meal.

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          I look forward to reading about your experience. Thanks.

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            So we went to the dinner on cozymeal almost two weeks ago and I finally got some time to write about it:

            We really liked it! We went to one of their hosts (her name is Marjan I think) who served Middle-Eastern food and it was amazing. It tasted delicious, the guests were really nice and we had a great time talking to them.

            The only problem was that they had only limited seats and when we asked two days before the meal if we could bring one friend with us, we were told that they were already fully booked. This would probably not happen in a restaurant. But we will definitely use the site again.

            tjinsf - it will probably be for another meal - I think we are too lazy for a cooking class ;)

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