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Feb 6, 2014 09:04 PM

What's the most unique food experience in Seattle?

Money is no object. No reservations required but I don't mind waiting 1hr+ for a seat (ideally at the bar). 20 minutes or less from downtown. I eat anything from 3 star tasting to back alley street food with the same passion. I'm here for 2 days, what should I eat? Extra credit, what beer should I track down and drink?

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  1. Sitka and Spruce. Not the 'best' food in the city, but without a doubt the one I think of as the most "Seattle."

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    1. re: uhockey

      Thanks, I'll check it out! Not looking for the best at all, just something you won't taste or experience elsewhere.

    2. Why "no reservations"? Just curious, if you're willing to wait for a table but don't want to call ahead so you don't have to wait. Anyway...I think Poppy is fairly unique with non-traditional thalis. I also like eating "fancy" at Staple and Fancy. Oh, and Revel.

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      1. re: Jeri L

        By no reservations I mean I can't make them more than one day ahead do to my poor planning but I never mind waiting or eating at the bar.

        1. re: precogpunk

          I love Staple and Fancy but would not go as a party of one. Even going with two isn't as fun as going with more people, given that it's family-style and the more people, the more things you get to try.

        2. re: Jeri L

          Poppy's eggplant fries are out of control

          1. re: Brunhilde

            I've given up on Walrus & Carpenter.. I've tried to get in at least 4 times and it's always an ordeal. You have to get there in the most off time and be waiting at the door.

          2. Most unique experience? Money no object?
            I may get hated on for this, but I'd go with Sky City, the Space Needle restaurant.

            I'll admit it's kinda over-priced but the dishes themselves are solid if unspectacular (last time I enjoyed a nice braised short rib dish) and it's a fun experience.

            Oh, and the Orbiter dessert is legitimately memorable.

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            1. re: GreenYoshi

              Also on the Chamber of Commerce literature rack, but also unique and interesting and with serious elements of cuisine and/or culture, the Tillicum Village Tour and Cruise gets you a boat ride out Blake Island, a traditionally cooked salmon dinner, some good clams, and a great show of clacking native masks.

              1. re: mrnelso

                I heartily concur with this recommendation. The Tillicum Village experience is truly unique to Seattle, and it is something you will always remember. Easy to do from downtown, takes 4 hours total, and at $79 it is a bargain.


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