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Alain Ducasse at Le Meurice

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Anyone tried the restaurant? I saw a review mentioning how Ducasse did it much better than in Plaza Athenee. There is also a lunch menu now, priced at 130 euros for 3 courses, cheese and dessert which sounds pretty good value for Ducasse and Paris. I m more interested about this lunch option, if its up to the standards of the a la carte. (Degustation in now 3 courses plus cheese dessert, instead of 4 courses plus cheese dessert, at the same price 380 euros). In Monaco at Le Louis XV the lunch menu was amazing, and excellent value at 140 euros, beverages included, with water and half a bottle of wine.

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  1. Sounds expensive for lunch, but I've been away.

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      Generaly it is expensive. But in Paris and Ducasse where a la carte was the cheapest option for lunch, it was at over 200 euros pp.
      The menu consists of:
      1. duck ravioli
      2.Artichoke black truffle
      3. scallops, olive citrus.
      4.Saint nectaire
      5. Chocolate from manufacteur AD

      The price for every 3 star in Paris now is about the same. Frechon is 130, Arpege is 145, Ledoyen is 128, Le cinq even raised the price to over 100 euros. Recently at Gagnaire it was 155 for me excluding beverages, although it was the Christmas menu,(no other lunch menu available).

      Ledoyen had 88 euros but when I visited it I was surprised it was now 128 excluding beverages, but cheese included. You can see it here http://gastrotrips.blogspot.gr/2013/1...

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        I had a very similar lunch at Le Meurice a few weeks ago. It was very good, but without the vibrancy of flavours that the Louis XV achieves.
        The duck ravioli is superb and the artichoke / truffle dish was simple and delicious. The sauce tasted very savoury, but the waiter insisted it was simply reduced artichoke stock. Our fish was John Dory with citrus - I found the dried citrus fruits far too astringent, though the fish was well cooked and the sauce very good.
        The atmosphere is a tiny bit odd to me, and although the food was good to excellent I wouldn't be in a hurry back. I found the wine list outrageously expensive.

    2. As usual with Ducasse, the important factor is not Ducasse but who manages every particular kitchen. In this case Christophe Saintagne, so it can't be bad. If you try the lunch menu, please report back.