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Feb 6, 2014 04:05 PM

Affordable Australian Shiraz?

I'm definitely not a wine connoisseur. I've recently discovered Australian Shiraz, and I love it. What are your favorite affordable brands, and where can I find them in Philly or the burbs?

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  1. In PA, you can search online to see what is available at PLCB here:

    Ardmore is probably the best PLCB store as far as selection. Stay away from any PLCB that isn't a "Premium Collection" store. The selection at the others can be abysmal (I'm thinking of you Phoenixville).

    Over the border, ABC and Total Wine are monster stores that have everything under the sun. If you want more boutiquey, Moore Brothers in Pennsauken NJ or Wilmington DE are the best (although Australian probably isn't their thing).

    I don't drink a lot of Shiraz, more Syrah (cold climate CA or Rhone), so the few Australians in my cellar are not what you'd call affordable, but for the sake of discussion:

    Glaetzer Shiraz Amon Ra Barossa Valley
    Penfolds Shiraz St. Henri
    Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz E E Black Pepper

    1. D'Arenberg makes a zillion shiraz, some, Stump Jump available in PA, at a price of @ $ 11. Others ranging in price at Total Wine in DE, and many places in NJ as well.

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        Yeah, Stump Jump is good for the price, Dead Arm if you don't mind spending more.