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Feb 6, 2014 02:36 PM

New opening - Fat Bull Cafe, San Gabriel

I drove by the mini-mall at the north-east corner of the intersection of San Gabriel and Las Tunas Blvds. I used to go to New Chong Qing when it had opened. I wanted to see what had opened there.

A new restaurant called Fat Bull Cafe has just opened. It advertised hotpots amongst other things. I could not find any postings on chowhound, or even on Yelp. I wonder what the reports will be.

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  1. i saw it and went to look at the menu

    will report back soon

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    1. re: blimpbinge

      just got back, pretty generic/standard hot pot. the soup was standard, meat was standard, nothing really stood out. They had a $20 AYCE with a reduced (green color) menu, and a full (pink color) non-AYCE menu.

      Sauces are also generic, crowded, within 2 feet of a long table, so it's always a cluttered area.

      Got 1/2 house special soup.. very generic, and half of the fish soup.. for $7 in addition to the $3 per person. What came was the same soup base, with a very bony fish in one, and some chinese herbs in the other. Both were very very generic.

      The fish was so overcooked within minutes of us getting the soup that the meat fell off the bones and there were small pieces of bones everywhere we had to pick out of our meats n such.

      Lamb and beef were both sub par. Also got fish slices on the side and fishballs, weren't bad, but also pretty generic.

      The place is really small, maybe just 10 tables, so anytime the door is opened, a frosty breeze accompanies you for 10 seconds for free.

      The place was packed with local mainlanders, almost all ordering the AYCE, as their tables were stacked full of plates of meat (3 orders at a time).

      One of the older ladies helping out was quite nice and constantly came over to refill our tea and clean the plates, but the younger bai fu mei was just barking orders from behind the counter. The two guy servers spoke english but there may be some language issues if you don't know the menu items already.

      One of the items, in english said "jellyfish salad" but in chinese it said "wood ear fungus". He (one of the workers) confirmed it was wood ear fungus and had no idea what "jellyfish" was.

      For $40 (price for two), you can make much better hot pot at home after a trip to any of the asian supermarkets. That is.. unless you absolutely want to do the AYCE and eat up all their meat.

      Needless to say, I won't be back, these places are all over 626.

      1. re: blimpbinge

        Thanks for braving it and reporting back.
        Did you notice the restaurant next to it - that also seemed new and if I remember it is some sort of a steak house - I was wondering if it was a Chinese version - had a funny name that I cannot remember now.

          1. re: suvro

            ips got it

            They've strangely been closed the past few days, with no sign to indicate why. I thought it may have been for Chinese new year, so I'll check again in a few days

      2. Bull Demon King Cafe's little brother ...