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Feb 6, 2014 01:23 PM

BYO with Party Room - no more than 15 minutes from Meadowlands

I need a place for a baby shower. I was looking for ideas for a BYO place that is on the nicer side and has a room that can be rented for a Baby shower for about 40 people.

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  1. There was a place in Hackensack called Corky's Corner that was popular for showers. It's changed hands, but it looks as if they still do showers and other occasions. However it's not BYO AFAIK.


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      Corky's Corner....you are really showing your age....but If I recall correctly, it was Susie's Sister you were thinking about... the ex of the owner of Sizzling Steak.

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        I was barely legal to drink when I went to Corky's :) Waterloo Sue's it was after that (dumb name.) Did it then become Susie's Sister? I don't remember that one.

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          You're correct about it definitely being Waterloo Sue's...I may be confused about Susie's Sister....I seem to recall M*cci owned both before he had to give it up in settlement.

    2. Thanks but that has too much a bar feel to it and won't work.

      1. There are a number of byob restaurants in Rutherford. Do a Google search and see what comes up. I've not been in a while, so really can't recommend any off the top of my head. Maybe someone else will see this and suggest a couple.

        1. In December we had a party at Gelone 650 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst. They have a very nice party room which is private and the food is very good. It always has been and it continues to be which is just great. Their website seems to be down, but, I found a pic of the party room. It's the second picture. We had around 33 people and had it set up at one long table.


          Also, in Lyndhurst there is Il Cafone at 7 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst. We had a party there 3 years ago and will be having another one this year. They have good food and a private party room. They have parking in the back and there is a staircase up into the restaurant. http://www.trattoriailcafone.com/gall... If you look at their photo gallery the party room is shown in the last two interior pictures.

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            +1 for Gelone in general (food-wise)

          2. Terre a Terre in Carlstadt does a wonderful BYOB brunch. No private party room but the restaurant can be closed for private parties.

            Terre a Terre
            312 Hackensack St
            Carlstadt, NJ