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Feb 6, 2014 01:19 PM

Babbo for lunch - anything you really like?

Here's the lunch menu:

Bob and I will share a few things and trying to get a few ideas ahead of time. When we were there for dinner, like, five years ago, we had the beef cheek ravioli, the grilled octopus and the sweetbreads. I could eat those exact things they were so good, but that seems silly.

Under antipasti, the cockles, calamari and lobster all sound good. Probably/maybe not a salad. Under primis, the beef cheeks are still singing their siren song :) and I just can't imagine anything better but can be persuaded. Under secondi, the "grigliata misto" (lamb, sweetbreads and tongue sounds super but so does the lamb belly.

I'm really open to hearing what y'all think. Looking forward to a great lunch. TIA.

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  1. I'd go with the grigliata

    1. Followup post.

      Another wonderful meal. As everyone does, there's the little starter of ceci with black olives, garlic, basil, oo and other good things bruschetta. I bought the (autographed) Babbo Cookbook and that's in there. I need to serve it. So simple and so good.

      We had the "Steamed Cockles in Red Chili Brodetto with Green Onion Fett’unta" ($15). This had loads of zip from the red chili and a light tomato sauce. We shared this and each had approx 10-12 cockles. The fett'unta was simply grilled sliced bread with olive oil, rubbed with a garlic clove and a goodly sprinkling of sea salt. It was perfect to put a cockle on and eat it down. We thought this dish was perfect. That is until we had the agnolotti with brown butter and sage ($20). They're a stuffed ravioli type pasta but very small, smaller than a postage stamp. The filling was short ribs with ????. If the cockles were perfect, then there's got to be a new and better word :) Again, we shared and you can see from the pix below that it was a nice portion. The final dish was the "grigliata misto" ($27) which honestly disappointed. It was in no way bad but kinda meh. Not the tongue which was perfect. But the sweetbread was fatty and had membrane still attached. Boo hoo. And the lamb chop tasted great but it tasted like great beef steak :( I will actually let them know about that cause I'm sure they'll want to at least correct the sweetbread. But two out of three is plenty fine with us. Plenty :) We had a bottle of a Bastianich sangiovese for $40 which, being non-oeniphiles, was perfectly fine with us. Lunch before tax and tip was $100.

      Having eaten at Babbo once before, albeit six or more years ago, I was very tempted to go elsewhere but am glad we didn't. Everything about it was just right. The service is friendly and professional, the room (downstairs seems to be all that's open at lunch) is warm and lovely. And the two dishes were superb. I'm happy to continue to recommend Babbo highly.

      ETA: Apologize for the dark photos but I was trying to be unobtrusive :)

      1. I stopped in for a quick, light lunch at the bar today. Nice to be able to just walk in and take a bar seat without hordes of people in your way. Enjoyed bufala mozzarella with coppa, sea salt, fresh pepper, olive oil, tiny bit of red pepper flakes. Grilled octopus with super savory mushrooms and matchsticks of fresh watermelon radish was nice. Tons of umami but the octopus was a bit tough and hard to cut. Service at the bar was excellent.

        Note: The online menu was waaaaaaaay out of date when I looked this morning compared to what I got when I sat down. What's online now is up to date.