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Feb 6, 2014 01:03 PM

Philly Food Lovers recommend anything in NYC?

Planning a trip to NYC and disappointed with the selection and I struck out last time. I guess I just love what I am used to. I like some of Steven Starr's restaurants like Dandelion, Parc, The Continental and Jones especially cause they are Trendy. Feel like nothing in NYC is like them. Trying to find one good breakfast/brunch and one good dinner (with dessert). Also the craft beer bars there don't even compare. (they don't have a website like phillytapfinder) Seems like NYC changes too much while Philly doesn't!?

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  1. 1. Breakfast/brunch .. I am a huge fan of Daniel Boulud's places there, and can recommend without question Bar Boulud in the Lincoln Cnter part of town. Brunch on sunday is very good there. My other standby for breakfast is Barney Greengrass on the Upper West Side. Old time Jewish deli that serves some of the best smoked fish in the city.

    2. Craft beer bars. There are quite a few good ones, though these days a lot of them are in brooklyn (such as Spuyten Duyvil). I would recommend three in Manhattan...

    Ginger Man.. by far my favorite. 40 plus taps, good bottle selection as well. Can get crowded. But they take their beer seriously. I rememnber one time there the bartender tasted the beer first to make sure it was ok because she had not poured one yet that day. Her tasting notebook that she kept behind the bar was incredible. Highly recommended.

    Blind Tiger... down in the Village on Bleeker. Dump atmosphere, but the beer selection is top notch.

    DBA ... on the lower east side but has a very good selection and probably the best cask beer selection in Manhattan.

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      I knew I would get a good response from you since I seem to see you reply to all my posts :-) Bar Boulud's brunch looks good. Greengrass however we'll have to forgo, my husband does not eat any seafood. (I'll have some though when we for our steak dinner.)

      Also we may do a tour at Brooklyn Brewery and I've never been over there so there's a first time for everything and Spuyten Duyvil is only a 14 minute walk from BB.


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        If you're going to Brooklyn Brewery, you can get a wonderful meal any time of day at Reynard at Wythe Hotel around the corner. And you'll be relatively close to Torst, a huge Nordic beer nerd place just over the border of Williamsburg in Greenpoint. Another popular craft beer spot if you're trending along the coast is Alewife in LIC.

    2. Comical.

      Anyway, easy answers would be Cafe Boulud in UES for breakfast/brunch there are so many good dinner restaurants that it boggles the mind, but ABC Kitchen would probably float your boat based on the above.

      1. I don't know that I can steer you the direction you want (Trendy) because I tend to love the hole-in-the-wall with fabulous food that in some remote borough hood. The choreographed SS type experience is not so much a NYC type experience for me. I can tell you what I miss (6 years in Philly now) that I find less readily available in Philly - mostly ethnic stuff

        Korean food in NYC is fantastic - several places in the 30's sort of near the ESB - are excellent

        Thai - again a bunch of options in Hells Kitchen

        Pizza - just normal pizza by the slice - its not the same here, good but not the same

        Deli - real Jewish deli and bagels

        So often for me the best of NYC is crowded and ethnic - and somewhat out of the way - its all about variety, energy the mix that makes NYC great, fun and unique.

        If you are looking for that trendy SS type experience the Meatpacking district could be a place to start.

        I actually feel that Philly has been incredibly dynamic lately lots of great new things happening all over and really accessible. I hate to compare Philly and NYC they are just so different my advice is to look for a NYC experience in NYC not compare to a Philly one

        One thing I think is by scale it is just easier to sort through options in Philly - NYC is just so vast and has so many choices that it is harder to zero in - I have my own list of special places but so does everybody else.

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          You make a good point. There are lots of choices in NYC so its just a matter of finding what I'll like!

        2. OK, this may or may not be Steven Starr-esque, but my number one "brunch" recommendation in NYC is The Bar Room at The Modern, and then follow it up by spending a few hours at MoMA.

          The Modern itself is one of the best restaurants in NYC (1 Michelin star), and predictably expensive. But The Bar Room is located right next to it in MoMA (separated by an opaque glass partition), and much more affordable. Sensational, interesting, dare I say, even sexy food.

          I usually make a res for 11:30AM right at opening, because it does get packed with tourists because, well, it is located in a world-class museum (actually the entrance is outside, hidden 1/2 a block down from MoMA).

          But it's a beautiful, sexy space, so I guess you might say it is a bit like what Buddakan wishes it was like (Buddakan is all image and mediocre food).

          1. Balthazar is like Parc, but preceded it. The Spotted Pig is a Michelin starred gastro pub.

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              Gotham Bar & Grill was really good the last time we were there. It's New American cuisine.

              If you like a deli, you really should go to Katz's.

              There are also a lot of good pastry places (like Miel but much better), such as Payard.

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                l would prefer to say that Parc tries hard, but nowhere near hard enough, to succeed to be Balthazar.