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Hugh Acheson - Top Chef

In the beginning on Top Chef Masters - I just didn't like him.

When he started doing judging on Top Chef, I really found him hard to watch on screen. He annoyed me.

I have only watched a handful of this years season. I found myself checking in here and on TC website. And I started reading his writing, and his readin and writin' is rythmic.

So for me, I guess the third time is the charm. What never came thru on camera, came thru in his prose. He's dry and funny and quick and sharp and brutally honest while remaining kind and aware the power of the pen.

And you?

I like him - a lot.

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  1. I am a total fan.

    I enjoyed him at first on top chef masters, just because, he always had a quip at the ready but did also hunker down and work, he was not a slacker.

    Now, his TC blogs have completely converted me. I agree the combination of being brutally honest and yet still kind - winning.

    If you can, listen to Alton Brown's podcast with him. He talks about cooking, being a dad and how the heck he got involved in Top Chef.


    1. I liked him on TC Masters and then more when he started regularly judging. He's got a dryness I really find funny. But it's really his writing that made me fall totally for his Canadian/Southern Unibrow fabulousness. The dude can write. I rarely follow Twitter or anyone on it, but his Twitter feed can also be really entertaining.

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        I follow him on twitter too and am often very amused.

      2. I didn't really have an opinion of him on TCM until the culinary science fair, and his general attitude turned me off (although he did have one of the more difficult scientists to work with). But his recaps and his appearances as a judge on TC totally turned me into a Hughpie. (Hey, I figure if my tween cousin can be a "Belieber," I can be a Hughpie.) I have friends and family in Atlanta, and am just looking for a good time to plan a visit so I can actually eat his food.

          1. re: seamunky

            That cranked up my Hughcrush a notch, even though the unibrow doesn't bother me.

          2. He and a few other chefs did some funny work for Food and Wine a month or two ago.


            His comic timing is pretty good for a chef.

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                Thanks, ennulsans. Looks like a promo for something coming in February 2014.

                Here's another link where participates in a contest for Delta to pick an executive chef for its airline food, or at least another chef to work on recipes. It's called Cabin Pressure Cookoff.


                1. re: nemo

                  I just saw that on a Delta flight today! To bad he goes home first, but handles it with aplomb.

                2. re: ennuisans

                  That was great. He's one of the most interesting chefs that I follow on Twitter.

                3. I love him!

                  I'm gay, but if he called I might answer . Intellect and humor times ten is a turn on.

                  1. I wasn't wild about him on TCM at first, but he began to grow on me. But as a judge on TC, I actually wish he was on MORE. His blogs on Bravo are great reads - very funny.

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                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      Ha! Well, do a sista a favor and give him my number when he calls.

                      Actually, I think he's married, and I don't go there:)

                      Edit: I'm an idiot. That post was for hamster.

                      But I agree that I wish Hugh was on more. Most anybody can be funny, but wit is hard to come by. Love the guy.

                      1. re: KrumTx

                        We'll have dinner with him and then I'll discreetly slink away following our after dinner drinks.

                    2. Haha I completely agree. He was obnoxious at first but now I appreciate his dry humor.

                      1. I actually preferred him more earlier than now. He's too pretentious, too unable to hold back biases. Thinks he is far more clever than he actually is.

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                        1. re: Firegoat

                          Is that what it is? I haven't been able to put my finger on what it is about Hugh that I haven't liked this season.

                          And I adore Hugh. Reading his blog has been one of the highlights of Top Chef for me. But his blog has been less witty this season. And I've disagreed with his opinions more this season.

                          Hopefully, he's just having an off season. I would hate it if he changed permanently from funny and smart to pretentious ass.

                        2. I'm divided. Dry humor etc...yes. Likable guy. But occasionally douchy too.

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                          1. re: sal_acid

                            I also think he's been put of the role of "witty guy" so he tries really hard to be witty, and sometimes fails. Still, I do like him, but will always miss Bourdain, who I liked even more in the "witty guy" role.

                            1. re: LurkerDan

                              I actually think he's trying less these days. When he first started guest judging/blogging, he was on fire. This season, at least...he has been putting in a more perfunctory effort. I can't blame him - being witty is one thing...being witty on demand on a regular basis when it's not your main gig is another.

                          2. I have a total Hughcrush! He embodies the trifecta of what I find attractive in a man: smarts, sense of humour, and he can write. Oh, and throw in that he can cook!

                            I always look forward to his appearances on Top Chef.

                            1. I always liked him on the show but I love him more on his blog.

                              1. I liked him from the beginning but I can understand how some Americans may be put off by his dry sense of humor.

                                In Top Chef Masters, he was eliminated pretty early on. But he was brought back because another contestant had to withdraw for personal reasons. If he never was brought back, we would have never gotten any insight to his witty personality.