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Feb 6, 2014 12:03 PM

Help us Choose: Plum/Homestead/Oliveto [Oakland]

We'll be in Berkeley next week for an event and made last-minute reservations for an early dinner at Plum, Homestead, and Oliveta. We'll cancel 2 out of 3 once we figure out which one is best. We're coming from Boston and will be in other other northern CA locales for the rest of the trip. Can you help us choose?

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  1. I haven't been to Plum since the chef change, but the food next door at Plum Bar, which comes from the same kitchen, is great, as was the food at Haven when she was there.

    Oliveto is great for high-end Cal-Italian. The pastas made in house from locally grown heirloom wheat varieties are something you won't find elsewhere.

    1. I'd recommend skipping Homestead. Although it's received excellent reviews, I found the food was only okay. In particular, a scallop entree I ordered was surprisingly lacking in both its combination of ingredients and cooking technique. Placing so-so slices of raw Asian pear on the plate with the pan-seared scallops didn't seem to add anything to the dish. I started with a soup, which was thin and unexceptional. I can't even remember more than that about it. Someone else at my table ordered an appetizer that included badly burned bread. I'd been looking forward to trying Homestead, but I came away feeling no desire to return.

      1. Oliveto definitely best consistently, Plum often great and very innovative, Homestead inconsistent but can be outstanding and I eat there often!

        1. My personal favorite amongst the three is Plum. And if you go, order their tasting menu and wine pairing.

          Oliveto's pastas are amazing.

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            Does Plum have a tasting menu again?

          2. Plum
            Homestead in that order