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Feb 6, 2014 11:40 AM

Amuse in Westfield

CJ Reycraft's new place post Chez Catherine...has anybody been? Heading there this weekend, wondering what's good.

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  1. We went there recently. As soon as we walked in, we saw two friends who had just finished. When we asked how was everything, they just dolefully shook their heads. What a way to diminish enthusiasm. Anyway, the french onion soup was ok, as was the ravioli app (2 ravioli). The foie gras just was, well, not so great. It reminded me of a turd-like object sitting on top of a small piece of toast. For $24 it should have been grrreat and not given indigestion. The entrees (we played it safe) of chicken and steak/frites were fine, and dessert, a warm apple crumb, was so-so. Should mention that the space itself is decorated in somewhat of a sparse manner but overall a good impression, they probably should turn the music up just a bit to give a little more atmosphere, and the service was good.

    So, while most everything was "ok" (despite the dire warnings from our friends on a couple of items) we probably won't be in a hurry to return.

    1. JUST ANOTHER small portion, high price ripofff restaurant, like you should thank the owners for allowing you in !!

      1. Just FYI-this is not in the Chez Catherine location. It is next to Teresas and Mojave Grille. It may still be a CJ establishment but so as people dont head to the hotel location.

        Tried to go Saturday for lunch as we have exhausted every other place in Westfield and the snow clean up was horrendous so we left.

        Still think Brick Oven is the only worth while BYO in Westfield. Unfortunately, Ferraro's is just ehhhh and Aqua Viva does not have lunch to the best of my knowledge.

        1. We went there for brunch recently and found the food to be executed quite well. Great pastry basket to start off the meal. The apps really stole the show, The seafood crepe was excellent (and so rich), the roasted beet salad was perfect. Croque Madame was just good, but the Steak and eggs looked to be cooked perfectly. The Frites weren't as crispy as I normally prefer, but were fresh for sure. Service was excellent. We'll be back.

          1. So, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Really was not excited by the menu but we ended up having lunch on a Saturday outside and the salad was great, the nueske bacon was great, and the croque madame was also great.

            I do think the price point may be slightly high but it is Westfield. I hope it doesnt end up hurting this new spot.