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Feb 6, 2014 10:45 AM

Dining suggestions with a one year old

Hi everyone, we will be traveling to NY for three days in May with a 14 month old. We are both major foodies and he does well in restaurants but obviously with it being NY not all restaurants are kid friendly or appropriate. We were hoping for some suggestions, open to any cuisine, whether it be Pizza, Asian, Italian, New American. It's been a few years since we have been to the city so would both like to just try some great, casual restaurants. We will be staying by Penn Station so would want to eat nearby one night, are likely to be near Central Park another, but are open to any area. If reservations are accepted that would be a plus so we don't have to wait for a table but aren't essential.

Much Appreciated.

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  1. Without the info that kathryn usually asks (where you're from, your budget), I'll throw out Koreatown suggestions Gaonnuri (relatively new, + rezzies, + view, but kid-OK; and Cho Dang Gol (not new, but recently has had a huge popularity spike; go by 6 PM to avoid major wait). If you're from LAX or SFO, I take those back ;) . Down Broadway from K-town are the oft-mentioned NoMad (probably OK in the Atrium) and the Breslin, which would be new to you and are still buzzy, non-staid places.

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      Thank you for the response, we had considered Koreatown and Cho Dang Gol in particular. We are coming from Memphis but have lived and traveled the world. We are just craving some good food :)

      Does anybody know how DBGB Kitchen & Bar or either of the Momofuku restaurants would be with child?

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        Momofuku restaurants are generally not infant friendly. Much of seating is at counters on stools. Tables are small. I can't ever recall seeing a high chair in them. Only place that might be workable would be Ma Peche. You might have more luck at DBGB though I can't recall seeing such young children there either.

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          DBGB would be perfect with kids; see 'em there all the time! BTW, if you're gonna be down in that nabe, a "new to you" idea would be the Yuji Ramen counter on the second floor of the Bowery Whole Foods. CH fave Mighty Quinn's BBQ is also down there, but since you're from Memphis...coals to Newcastle, etc ;) .

      2. I had lunch today at Ma Peche and there was a table for 4 with a very young baby (slight fussy), but no one seemed to mind (including me--he/she was a very cute baby!)

        1. I was at Westville on Hudson Street a couple weeks ago and there were several people there with babies. Sound level was just right that no one would have been bothered even if the kids were a bit noisy--but they weren't, because they were happy to be there.

          The place is an easy walk from the #1 subway stop at Houston Street, or you could take a bus from where you're staying.

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            Westville also has a chelsea location as another option- great casual family friendly, lots of fresh veggie of the day market dishes:

          2. Koreatown is a great option since you will be close, as already suggested.
            This trip report may be helpful since they were visiting a number of restaurants will small kids:

            These threads have additional kid-friendly ideas:



            1. We usually find that most places are accommodating, as long as you're part of the first seating. After that, it gets rough for everyone: you, other diners, and the restaurant.