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Feb 6, 2014 09:39 AM

Sri Lanka resto/food store in Montreal

Looking for an authentic Sri Lanka taste in Montreal. We are aware of Jolee on Victoria....other ideas/experiences?

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  1. There is a Sri Lankan grocery on Bélanger, Marché Murugan, 2450 rue Bélanger, one street west of Iberville. (Métro Iberville, blue line). I'm sure there are others in Parc Extension, among all the South Asian markets, but I haven't got them all sorted out by country. Has anyone here?

    As for restos, a while back someone here posted this Cult review of VIP Sri Lankan restaurant in Parc Ex:

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    1. re: lagatta

      Yes, VIP is the new name of the Sri Lankan resto on Beaumont.

      1. re: hungryann

        Just had lunch there. Nice people but place (and chef) were dirtier than any place we ate at in ~3 weeks in Sri lanka....good value, are advised!

        1. re: CMT

          That REALLY doesn't make me want to eat there, sorry.

          I think I'll continue to prefer what is to me very similar food from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in South India at Thanjai, although VIP is far closer (I walked past it today). I'm not a hygiene nut, but certainly don't want to eat in a dirty restaurant.

          Hope they "clean up their act"! I don't want to damage their business, just see that very basic hygiene is applied.

        2. re: hungryann

          Attempted to eat at VIP tonight Although the sign in the window said open and there were things like samosas in glass cases, it didn't look like it was actually set up to serve anyone there. We asked to see a menu just in case. The woman who had come out to greet us went in the back and instead of coming out with menus a man came out and told us there were no menus, but they'd have some on Monday. We also got the impression they weren't actually serving food, so we left. Very, very strange.

      2. Check out these threads:
        The place on Beaumont still exists but under another name. It seems to change names every year or so, but remains Sri lankan. Sagimahe has closed IIRC.

        1. I got take out the other day from Janani, 6450 Victoria, where Thanjai used to be. It was really nice, although I am not so familiar with Sri Lankan food, except where it is similar to South Indian.

          They said that they have been there only 8 months, but the chef stayed from the last restaurant. They have idiappan koothu, curries, dosa sambhar/idli and a daily special.

          Zero ambiance, but great food!

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          1. re: karela

            "where Thanjai used to be"

            Wait, what?!

            Edit: never mind - I panicked and thought you meant Thanjai was closed. I didn't realize Thanjai existed on Victoria before Van Horne.

            1. re: kpzoo

              Yes, I had the same stroke of terror.

          2. Apparently there is a small store on West Island specializing in seafood and products for Sri Lankan food.. It is at the end of St. John's road heading North.

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              1. re: williej

                It is a small little store near the end of St. John's and Pierrefonds Boulevard, on the same side of Jean Coutu. It is not the mall where the TD bank is but in that little odd looking strip mall of sorts. I will get the name for you next time I pass it by.