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Hand Sliced Nova/Really Good Jewish Appetizing

Moved to the Fort Lauderdale area about a year ago from NY, and I have been unable to locate really good Jewish appetizing anywhere. Does anyone know anywhere in Broward County, South Palm Beach or Northern Miami-Dade County where hand sliced Nova, a nice chunk of whitefish and some pickled herring can be found?

Willing to travel further If necessary to get my fix! I miss Zabars so much, but they will only ship pre-sliced lox and it is just too thick for me and the shipping cost for Barney Greengrass is quite high. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Sage in Hallandale Beach hand slices lox

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      Thank you! Headed there Saturday.

      1. re: MrsChac

        not everything is good in store-
        lox, herring and bagels are good

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          Sorry to disagree. Breakfast there 3 days a week and their bagels have turned terrible! (consistently). Having been born and raised in The Bronx I consider myself an expert.

    2. Try Pomperdale's 0n Commercial Blvd. As good as Sage and a lot closer.

      1. Try Russ & Daughters if you don't object to shipping charges.

        1. Josh's Deli, in Surfside (9517 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL 33154 (305) 397-8494), is making his own pastrami, corned beef, duck prosciutto, smoked salmon, and what my 96-year-old neighbor declares "the best matzoh ball soup she's ever eaten." Park behind the Flanigans across the street

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            I have heard only good things about Josh's

          2. Try Way Beyond Bagels in Boca. A little pricey, but good quality.

            1. Famous Market in Delray, on West Atlantic and the southwest corner of Jog Road has great appetizing, including hand sliced lox, herring, whitefish etc. and an array of salads and cheeses. They don't carry fresh bagels, but Way Beyond Bagels has the best freshly baked bagels in the area. Way Beyond is pricey, but excellent.

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                Been to both more times then I can count and they are both good for appetizing. I do Famous when it's for home and WBB when I am eating there. WBB also has a better selection. I do not like the bagels though at WBB. To much like a roll and not a bagel. Bagel Tree next to Famous is better then WBB or the bagged stuff they sell at the Famous counter. Famous also sells plastic containers of "lox ends" that I use for cooking lox, eggs and onions. For that dish the good stuff is a waste.
                If I was mail ordering this stuff, I would go Russ and Daughters over Barney Greengrass.

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                  Russ & Daughters is my daughter-in-law's go to. We get regular care packages. 86 the bagels as they arrive semi-stale (bagels don't last well overnite).

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                  Famous Market is a space ship to the past! The rows of gefilte fish and borscht..wow!

                  The appetizing department did not look very appetizing to me on my one visit a few weeks ago, especially when Zabar's and Russ are mentioned in the same thread! I looked at the salads, cole slaws, etc, not at the lox or other preserved fish, so maybe I missed the top-rated items. Hard to imagine that it would compare to Zabar's and the other NYC landmarks mentioned above, though.

                  By the way..is this place now owned by Indians? Most of the staff appeared to be Indian or Bengali..just curious.

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                    I've been going there for several years Erica and the staff has not changed.
                    Responding to OP's request for local options-whitefish salad, hand sliced nova, chubs, sable very good.

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                      Is Famous Indian-owned? Just curious.

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                        Famous Market Deli in Delray Beach appears to be owned by an LLC named "Manzu and Kahn".

                        One "Rana Kahn" is listed as the chief officer.


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                          I knew I could count on you, CF! thanks!

                3. Let's not forget about Glick's Kosher Market on Atlantic in Delray. Hand sliced lox (regular and Nova), great pickled herring and everything thing else you would expect to find in an appetizing store.

                  1. Bagel Cove in Aventura at 19003 Biscayne Blvd has very good bagels and bialys and hand sliced nova. Old school. NEO with hashed browns are also great. Good selection of baked goods, black and whites, babkas and ruggies. Wait staff has been there for years. Highly recommend for appetizing.

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                      I thought bagel cove was just awful--there ain't no russ and daughters in miami, sorry. -- but the russ and daughters bagels are lousy...what goes on them however is outstanding. Epicure used to be good for that sort of thing, but when I was there few weeks ago, everything look old and awful,,and I was quite shocked.

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                        I just got back from Epicure and I have to disagree with you.
                        The nova was great and the prepared food all looked very fresh and well prepared.
                        I have shopped at Epicure for the past 30 years, first on the beach and now in Sunny Isles, and their soups, salads, take out meals have always been excellent. Their rye bread is wonderful. They would not be in business for as long as they have, and expanding to Coral Gables, if their food and produce were not the finest at those prices.

                    2. Tried Sage this weekend. Beautifully sliced Nova but something wasn't quite right with the taste. Whitefish was just okay, salmon salad too. Whitefish salad and chopped liver were excellent. Going to try Pomperdales next. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. We are going to try each place mentioned.

                      FYI - not a big fan of Russ & Daughters. In my opinion, Zabars fish is much better.

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                          Yes. Bought a half dozen assorted. They were okay. I prefer Marion's Bagels in Plantation.

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                          It would be interesting to know the source of the fish and prepared salads...there can't be that many different sources of smoked fish of the type sold in these local stores.

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                            I believe their source is acme

                            1. re: jpr54_1

                              I think you are correct. It seems that they are the only mass producer in the market and supply just about every bagel joint in SOFLA.

                                1. re: grdns

                                  I would think the taste/freshness would also depend on the volume sold, no?

                                  I think that one of the reasons Zabars' lox is so delicious is because it is incredibly oily - you have to constantly re wrap it if you don't finish it right away. I also think the huge volume of fish they sell means it is fresher but I'm just guessing here.

                                2. re: jpr54_1

                                  I figured as much. I think Acme supplies the best places in NYC, too.

                                  I have been meaning to go to Acme (Bklyn) on a Friday morning when they sell retail at a good price.

                                  I did not even realize that Acme sold lox..thought until just now that they sold only smoked fish!

                            2. Josh's makes some of their deli-
                              not sure about the appetizing

                              1. Josh's Deli in Surfside cures all their own fish and slices to order. Selection (other than smoked salmon) varies. No place else like it.

                                Other than them, I think everyone buys their stuff from Acme. Sage Deli in Hallandale, Epicure Market (Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, and now Coral Gables) slice to order. Sage has the full selection of usual Jewish deli stuff (salmon, sable, whitefish, chubs, etc.).

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                                  Second this rec. Don't know another spot besides Josh's doing what he is doing with the deli & appetizing. I usually go for the meats but my fam orders the fish every week.

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                                    Josh has also just installed a special wood-burning oven.

                                    I had a nice Everything Bagel the other day, and he's also roasting all sorts of goodies in there as well.

                                2. I'm one of those people that asks to see the packaging of the smoked fish when it is sitting in the case and I can't read the label. Among the other usual mail order suspects is a place called The Smokehouse, the link is below. I mention them because they supply Fairway, another reliable provider of this stuff. Now if you can just find Ben's Cream Cheese...........


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                                    I have been to the Smokehouse. It was good but, in my opinion, not even close to Zabars. I will not pay to have packaged lox shipped from anywhere.

                                    1. re: MrsChac

                                      Completely understandable. I would go right to Josh's then because while you won't pay to ship, everyone else does and just passes the cost on to you. That and the fact that only a culinary fool does not heed the wise advise of Frodnesor.... I had some wild Pacific from The Smokehouse today by way of Fairway and it was, as always, excellent.

                                  2. Is there any other way to slice Nova other than by hand?

                                    Ft. Pierce, FL

                                    I think Roasters n Toasters in Kendall does a great job with their Nova, bagels, sandwiches and salads....I do a big pick-up order once per month and our employees just love it!

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                                      Toojays slices it on a deli slicer and many small bagel places buy it pre - sliced.

                                      1. re: MrsChac

                                        Learn something new everyday....Sometimes it pays to be a wise guy!

                                        Love me some Roasters n Toasters.....Every time I go there my money just flies out of my pockets!

                                        Ft. Pierce, FL