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Apr 28, 2006 07:21 PM

Weekend in Boulder

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I am spending a weekend in Boulder for work and I already have reservations for Frasca on Saturday, but I am looking for a couple recs.

Good breakfast and lunch places?
And a good quick late night meal on Friday?

Thanks for your help....

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  1. You didn't say the date of your trip to Boulder.
    So, I hope I'm not late in sending this information.
    For a fun brunch with a REAL Colorado feel to it,
    go to Chautauqua Dining Hall, adjacent to the
    beautiful Flat Irons. After brunch, go for a hike.
    Another cool place and very Boulder is Dushanbe Teahouse, it's open for brkfst, lunch and dinner.
    For a late night dinner, try the Trilogy Wine Bar.
    A great place at night. Have fun!!!

    1. Aji on Pearl east of the mall is fantastic for its appetizers and drinks. Its Central American food. I highly recommend the Ceviche with Curry, and the Pablano Empenadas.

      Don't forget the Kitchen on Pearl west of the Mall. Although it can be inconsistant, they have a great wine list and awesome mussels.

      1. I ate at a wonderful health food store in Boulder once...but cannot recall the name. The food was fantastic and I loved people watching as I ate. Anyone know it?

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          If you were looking at aging hippies, earth-muffins and dirtbag wannabes, then it was probably the Wild Oats on Arapahoe (formerly Alfalfas.) If there were Land Rovers and Escalades in the parking lot, it was Whole Foods.

        2. It might have been Cafe Prasad which is connected to the Boulder CO-OP. They serve super healthy mainly vegitarian dishes. Only eat there when the food is fresh however because it tends to spoil after sitting out.

          Cafe Prasad and the Boulder CooP are on Pearl east of the Mall.

          1. The Kitchen was just in the last issue of Food & Wine 1039 Pearl St. 303.544.5973. I've heard friends rave about it. (I live in Denver and have not been there yet.)