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Feb 6, 2014 05:07 AM

New Sushi Saito - photos and review

For those of you wondering what the new Sushi Saito looks like...

Review and more details to follow tomorrow.

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  1. Looking forward to your review. when did he start taking reservations? did you use a concierge?

    1. Are those exposed fridges I see? ^_−☆

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      1. re: wekabeka

        Sushi Saito reopened on 1 February in Ark Hills South Tower. The main counter has increased from 7 to 8 seats and there also features a 7 seat private counter (which remains unopened, for now). The new dining room features softer lighting that previously, but feels more dramatic. Wekabeka, as you have rightly pointed out, for those who are unable to stomach the sight of exposed fridges whilst dining, Saito remains off-limits… :)

        Following his former master Kanesaka, Saito-san is planning to expand further, by opening a ‘branch’ in South East Asia next year; he has asked for more precise details to be kept private for now.

        As ever, the meal was excellent. Highlights from the otsumami were the shirako (fantastic texture) and nodoguro, and from the nigiri the maguro from Nagasaki (the chu-toro had the best depth of flavour on this occasion), aji and an ago.

        For me, Saito has always excelled in his balance he provides between the (relatively) lightly seasoned shari and neta and this was the case, as ever. However, on this visit, I felt that the rice was ever so slightly colder than usual, but this was perhaps due to working in a new environment?

        PorkyBelly - I have been a regular at Saito for a while so did not use a concierge for the reservation. I think he is still only taking reservations from regulars for now and for those trying to get a reservation - he is already fully booked for all of March and most of April. It may prove to be more difficult than ever to get a reservation at the moment, as he appears to have cut down his lunch service to one seating, at least for now.

        1. re: toktoktok

          Just curious... what's the problem with the fridges?

      2. Great review. Looks like my chances to eat there in April are going to be pretty slim. Do you know if he's still taking reservations for non-regulars on the first of the previous month (e.g. April reservations open on March 1st?)