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Feb 6, 2014 01:27 AM

Best (affordable) hotel breakfast in Jerusalem?

We want to go out for breakfast, and Israeli hotels are famous for these! Any good suggestions? We are not in "The Citadel" league;)

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  1. Not a hotel breakfast buffet, but most dairy restaurants have nice breakfast specials. I especially liked the 110nis (not sure of price) breakfast for two at Greg's in Mamilla, just outside of Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

    Read my post "very biased Israel review". can't remember if the place is called Greg or Gary but it's some American boys' name. :)

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      LOL I did Gregs (not Gary's;) and you're right, it was great! We sat outside on the bridge and it was so relaxing to watch the world go by....Also Cafe Rimon in Mamilla - but I'm now looking for an awesome hotel buffet for total over-indulgence!:)

    2. Are you sure? I mean, have you phoned up to ask how much they charge breakfast walk-ins? Why not phone one or two of your aspirational hotels and ask?

      Although I haven't priced it, I suspect that a slightly out-of-town location like Ramat Rachel would be cheaper.

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        Good point! Thank you, that's a really good idea! It's just that the Citadel is....well, the Citadel...and presidents stay there and all that...!

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          I have no idea about the price, but I was a guest at the citadel a few years ago, and had the breakfast there. It was awful. (I don't remember exactly what was served, but I remember my hosts freaking out and waiters bringing out more food)

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            Ohhhhhhhh - now I feel better about NOT being a President LOL!

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              Yup! No need to feel terrible....I remember my host freaking out. We all felt awful

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                  I'm not sure if you're sounding shocked or not, but that's ~$40. I just quickly checked the breakfast at the plaza and it's $35 for a continental buffet, so the citadel doesn't seem that out of line.

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                    Does not surprise me. When we used to stay on Starwood points at the Plaza, breakfast was never included. I remember asking back then (11 Years ago) it was $25 per head with no discount for kids. I never asked again after that.
                    After davening every morning I would stop by the bakery, picked up chocolate milk, croissants, and a coffee for my wife, and it worked great.
                    The hotel breakfasts are great when included in the room, I just cannot see paying that much for breakfast, especially when you have a family.

                    Or You could try this:


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                      What WILL they think of next!!!! (Looks delicious btw - but not at breakfast time)

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                      That's not so expensive. Thinking about the last time I had a hotel breakfast (in LA) it was about $45-50/person

          2. I simply adored the Alexander's breakfast when we were there in the fall. Rooftop dining, both in and out, and a delicious but understated buffet.

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                That looks incredible! Alexanders is a hotel? I don't know it.

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                  It's a small suites hotel on the northern edge of the strip, just before the port.


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                    That looks gorgeous - but last time I checked, Tel Aviv wasn't in Jerusalem... (This site needs EMOTICONS!!!!!)

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                      LOL! I totally missed that. My apologies!

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                        No need to apologise - it looks a really nice place that might have fit the bill if...well, you know;)

            1. Mishkenot Sha'ananim? They won't let you rent a room (it's a guest house that arts and culture organizations use) and they don't have all the bells and whistles (no omelet stations) but they do serve a nice, classic Israeli hotel breakfast (which can be spartan if the place is empty, ample when full) and there is the fun of being there and there is that view, that sweeping, postcard view. It can't hurt to ring them up and ask.

              You also might want to consider Mahene Yehuda for a fun place to eat breakfast. Not like eating at the Inbal, It's a lot more fun than the Inbal would be.

              1. Many thanks - these are interesting ideas I hadn't thought of!:)