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Feb 6, 2014 12:41 AM

The Armenian Market, off Arsenal Street?

In the past, we've had to go across the river to Schwarmaland (Allston/Brighton) to get our best kebab and schwarma fixes.
And now, a few adventurous and/or smart schwarma entrepreneurs have opened places on this side of the river. Outside of Davis Sq is Noor's Grill; in Davis Sq., CH smtucker has reported on The Shawarma Place (SP) ; and somehow, I have just found out about a c.2012 place in Watertown by the Target/Arsenal St. Armenian Market's(AM) schwarma and kebabs have more positive yelp mentions than negative,( AND the owner makes his own filo- holy shmoley. ) I'm thinking of soon doing a mini crawl/drive to both AM and SP to compare them. Has anyone been to AM, and what do you think of it? Striper? thx. much.

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    1. I have only bought the lamejun there and I did not like it. It tasted only of red peppers and had little to no meat. It was nothing compared to Sevan or Arax. Once I did that I never went back, but maybe worth a try for the sandwiches.

      1. I had some delicious hot dish many months ago. I think it was a schwarma over pita or some other bread with a sauce. It was soft and crispy and flavorful. The whole thing was baked and I loved it.

        Recently, I bought baba and hummus. The baba was nice and smokey but chunky. I was having teeth issues so I had a harder time eating it. But I loved the flavor.

        1. I'm no expert, but I stop there frequently and like the shawarma. The family has tried other things, and it is a popular place for all, including my rather picky daughter.

          1. If you are ever on Rt 1 heading to Foxboro, Saab's (in the plaza with Ocean State Job Lot) makes a very good schwarma