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high chairs???

hey! Can anyone help me out and tell me which restaurants in the city have high chairs for baby/toddlers? We have two little guys so we need high chairs in order to have a successful time out. thanks in advanced!!!

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  1. I think you may have more luck deciding on several places where you may want to eat and contacting those directly. Same amount of time as posting and definitive information. Philly is just too vast to narrow down. If you were asking about a small town you might be able to narrow more easily.

    1. Here's a list in no particular order:

      Standard Tap
      Green Eggs & Ham
      Pizzeria Vetri
      The Fountain
      The Mildred
      Garces Trading Company
      Han Dynasty
      Max Brenner's
      Route 6
      Fette Sau
      Route 6
      Many places in Chinatown,
      Pho places

      Hope that helps

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          seeing your other post, I may edit Standard Tap from the list. They have high chairs that hook to the table. Not sure if that works for you.

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          Max Brenner probably has a zillion high chairs but I would pass there. Bad food and service and a tourist trap IMO.

          I did notice that they have one highchair at Blue Belly BBQ. But only one...

        3. good grief...

          I posted here since I have called restaurants and they have told me they do and we get there and they either dont OR they have boosters, which is not the same. I am guessing that the 21 year old answering the phone doesnt know any better or know the difference. Packing up to go to a restaurant to get there and have to eat with a baby on my lap and no where to put my other child is uncomfortable, especially when you are not paying Wendy's prices. Why i am asking is because i have a handicapped child and a booster will not work... it needs to be a high chair. When i posted anywhere in city and somewhere with special characteristics unlilke chain restaurants since that is primarily the reason for dining in the city to begin with and the primary reason anyone would read chowhound.

          By the way, there is no Cheesecake factory or golden corral in Philadelphia... you must not be familiar with the city so I think you need not post on the philly forum.

          Examples of restaurants we dine would be anything Jose Garcias, Steven Starr, a nice steak house, Asian, sushi house, French, south philly style italian, cultural. Neighborhoods we will go are anything in center city, west philly, northern liberites, south philly... get it?

          Money is no issue.

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            My advice is to google a specific restaurant plus high chair if you're looking for a type of cuisine in particular. Although you may not see them, many do in fact have high chairs in the back. My wife & I had lunch at Sansom St Oyster House this week with our 9 month old, and they brought one out for us. They could not have been more accommodating.

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                oyster house is excellent. Havent been in years. Would never of thought of this as an option. Thanks!

            1. My experience has been all the Starr restaurants have them.

              You are spot on about the people answering the phones. They're almost always clueless and will not be able to differentiate between a booster seat and a high chair with any confidence.

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                This is the other problem we have run into... only having one high chair. hummmm. thanks though. I will make sure i stay far from Max Brenner. I have herd this same critique before.

              2. Folks, we know not everyone believes that children belong in anything other than chain restaurants, but if you don't want to answer the question or aren't personally familiar with any chowhound-worthy places that have high chairs available, please just skip on to another thread rather than answering. Thanks.