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Feb 5, 2014 07:00 PM

Best restaurants that don't take reservation on Open Table or City Eats

I mostly determine whether to eat based on reservations available. I know there are some really good restaurants that simply don't do online reservations but I don't want to overlook them. So please share your top non-online restaurants. The ones that come to my mind are:

Little Serow
Rose's Luxury
Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency/Mockingbird Hill

Lots of Asian ones:
Hong Kong Palace/Uncle Liu's
Bangkok Golden III
Joe's Noodles
Bob's Shanghai/Noodle 66
Michael's Noodles
Nava Thai
Ruan Thai
Ren's Ramen
Daikaya Ramen

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  1. My top five are in my profile:

    Joe's Noodle House

    Oohhs and Aahhs - especially the shrimp and grits, broiled crab cake, and the lemon pepper wings, but hard to resist the short ribs as well.

    BG III

    Myanmar - ginger salad for sure

    Pimento Grill - oxtail brown stew, curry chicken, cabbage peas and rice are must orders.

    1. Menomale
      Pizza Pardiso
      China Boy

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Toki takes reservations for early seatings on CityEats.

        I would add Pupatella and Izakaya Seki to the list.

      2. Add:

        Ray's the Steaks (Arlington)
        The Classics (Silver Spring)
        Mi Cuba (Columbia Heights)
        Zenebech Injera (Shaw)

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        1. re: DanielK

          Very sad what has happened to Zenebech. I tried to go on a Saturday night a few weeks ago, and there was a line of 10 people waiting for a table!

          It's probably due to all those new places on that block/corner...Good for business, but sad for those of us who were used to walking in to Zenebech on a whim!

          I ended up going to Axum on 9th Street instead, which was pretty good.

          1. re: hamster

            They've been busy on weekends for quite a while now - that's not news! What's been surprising is that there's a wait on most weeknights now too.