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Do you create unique foods?

Mrs. Knott's Fried chicken dinnner restaurant, what else is on the menu besides Fried Chicken as a main course, or is that all there is ???????

kevin Feb 5, 2014 06:50 PM


  1. BubblyOne Feb 8, 2014 05:51 PM

    Just tried it after at least 20 years and not only was the food barely adequate, the atmosphere was like eating in a convalescent home.

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    1. re: BubblyOne
      wienermobile Feb 9, 2014 12:13 PM

      Yes it is like eating in a convalescent home in Phoenix Arizona. But for those of us who grew up in Southern California it seems stuck in time and charmingly untouched by the last 50 years including the waitress and the rhubarb, the only thing that has really changed are the prices.

      1. re: wienermobile
        kevin Feb 9, 2014 12:20 PM

        I agree with Wienwr.

        This sentiment also applies to Musso and Frank for me.


        1. re: kevin
          BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 02:33 PM

          But Musso's still serves good food.

          1. re: BubblyOne
            kevin Feb 9, 2014 02:43 PM

            I don't disagree with you.

            But many other hounds hate the food at Mussos and think its worse than a slop house.

            1. re: kevin
              BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 03:01 PM

              There was a recent thread on Musso's and I don't recall anyone saying it was worse than a slop house, lol.

              I was there a few months ago and from the looks of the clientele and cars in the valet- these were people of all ages that could eat anyplace they chose.

              1. re: BubblyOne
                kevin Feb 9, 2014 03:41 PM

                anyone, have a link to the thread where a whole bunch of hounds hated on Musso's ????????


                1. re: kevin
                  BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 04:02 PM

                  Here is the link from last month I was talking about. You kept posting "we are in the minority", but I think all of the posts were positive-


                  1. re: BubblyOne
                    kevin Feb 9, 2014 04:07 PM

                    Not that one.

                    I found the thread now.

                    here it is (the majority of the sentiments in this thread are unfavorable, i got the two threads mixe-up):


                    1. re: kevin
                      BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 04:33 PM

                      Even that thread had many that liked it as well. Another polarizing place for sure like Dan Tana.

                      Edited to add have you been to Knott's?

                      1. re: BubblyOne
                        kevin Feb 9, 2014 04:36 PM

                        I have. And I like it.

                        Maybe now I'll only like it for nostalgia sake,

                        but yea.

        2. re: wienermobile
          BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 02:32 PM

          I grew up here as well and IMHO Knott's is one of those places (these days) that one visit is more than enough.

          It's kind of like the Pinks of fried chicken.

          1. re: BubblyOne
            wienermobile Feb 9, 2014 03:02 PM

            Funny you should say that…There's now a Pink's right outside the Fried Chicken Restaurant at the Knott's main entrance.

            1. re: wienermobile
              BubblyOne Feb 9, 2014 03:25 PM

              I saw that!

      2. p
        paprkutr Feb 7, 2014 07:20 PM

        Funny was just there yesterday for lunch. They have a lot more options including a hamburger as mentioned below. We ended sharing one chicken dinner with all white meat. Dinner was $16.99 + $3.59 for all white meat. Hubby had the chicken soup and I had a salad. Came with three large breasts. Moist and tender but would like a little more crust. We had fries instead of mashed, they were nice and crispy. Rolls were a little burnt and doughy. Jam was in the little plastic containers and was runny. They offer a boysenberry butter for $1.29 extra might try next time. Then had boysenberry pie. There was plenty to eat with only one meal.

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        1. re: paprkutr
          kevin Feb 7, 2014 10:33 PM

          No buttermilk biscuits ?????

          How was the boysenberry pie ??????

          1. re: kevin
            paprkutr Feb 8, 2014 06:11 PM

            Biscuits were very doughy. Pie was good had it the way I like warm with lemon slices and ice cream.
            As noted below the atmosphere hasn't changed in 40 years. The waitress was very nice but the uniforms and all needs to be updated.

        2. c
          chrishei Feb 6, 2014 11:51 AM

          Is the fried chicken good?

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          1. re: chrishei
            wienermobile Feb 6, 2014 12:02 PM

            It's good but not quite as good as it was when the Knott's Family still owned it before Cedar Fair…. But no one can beat those biscuits and boysenberry jam.

            1. re: wienermobile
              JAB Feb 6, 2014 12:32 PM

              +1 It definitely went down hill along with their bakery after the acquisition.

              1. re: wienermobile
                HBGigi Feb 7, 2014 09:49 AM

                Was just there for lunch. Boysenberry jam was in one of those little sealed packages made by Smuckers. Biscuits were a little too dark on the bottom. Chicken noodle soup was okay but the cabbage was soggy. Chicken was just adequate.

                1. re: HBGigi
                  wienermobile Feb 7, 2014 10:43 AM

                  Sadly Smuckers recently shut down the Knott's brand of Jams and Jellys.

                  1. re: wienermobile
                    ns1 Feb 7, 2014 07:50 PM


                    1. re: ns1
                      Tripeler Feb 7, 2014 08:22 PM

                      Yeah, they really put the Smuck in Smuckers with that one.

                    2. re: wienermobile
                      JudiAU Feb 8, 2014 12:24 PM

                      That makes me really sad.

                    3. re: HBGigi
                      kevin Feb 7, 2014 12:13 PM

                      Yeah. Why would they have Smuckers at Knotts Berry Farm that's like serving Pepsi at The Coca Cola theme park ????????

                2. wienermobile Feb 6, 2014 11:22 AM

                  But don't you really just want the fried chicken Kevin?

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                  1. re: wienermobile
                    kevin Feb 6, 2014 01:12 PM

                    I'm on a fucking diet, Fml. So you know the drill.

                  2. f
                    flowergirl Feb 6, 2014 09:33 AM

                    Not sure about other food but it's worth the trip just to eat the biscuits

                    1. a
                      Alan408 Feb 6, 2014 08:28 AM

                      Burgers, pot pie, chicken strips, turkey, chicken fried steak.

                      They have a varied menu, or did about 6-8 years ago

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                      1. re: Alan408
                        wienermobile Feb 6, 2014 11:38 AM

                        the full dinner menu:
                        Mrs. Knott's Famous Fried Chicken
                        The traditional favorite premium all white dinner only $2.00 more
                        Chicken Pot Pie
                        A flaky crust pot pie filled with tender pieces of chicken and garden vegetables topped with chicken gravy
                        Broiled Chicken Breast
                        Boneless, skinless double breast of chicken, marinated in lemon and fresh herbs, served with red rose potatoes
                        Roast Turkey and Dressing
                        Golden roast turkey with country stuffing
                        Country Fried Steak
                        Lightly breaded tender beef steak, fried crisp and topped with healthy country gravy
                        Bbq Pork Ribs
                        Tender pork ribs toasted with knott's bbq sauce and served with baked beans
                        Filet of Salmon
                        Grilled with lemon butter sauce and served with red rose potatoes
                        Chicken 'N Dumplings
                        Tender chicken and hot homemade dumpling topped with creamy chicken gravy
                        Pot Roast
                        Our slowly simmered pot roast lark tender, served with mashed potatoes and rich mushrooms gravy

                      2. h
                        HBGigi Feb 6, 2014 07:11 AM

                        grilled chicken breast, sandwiches, fries, chicken noodle soup

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