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Feb 5, 2014 06:50 PM

Wok Shop - Hand Hammered Flat Bottom Wok

I don't have much experience with wok cooking and went off the recommendations from several forums regarding the Wok Shop woks.

After receiving my hand hammered flat bottom pow wok, I noticed that the bottom is flat so that it sits on a flat cook top, but the bottom is not really flat. The bottom has ripples in it and I'm not sure if this is ok or it is a defect in the manufacturing.

I contacted the Wok Shop and she said that the ripples or "Whatever I call them" were ok and did not affect the performance of the wok.

Has anyone else come across this? Is it normal or is there an issue with my wok.

I have used it once and I guess it worked ok, but I'm just not sure if i have the product that I want.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Can you put up the link to the wok from the wokshop? I have several woks from the wokshop. I am wondering if yours is the same as mine.

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      1. re: CJ72387

        I see. I had this one:

        Based on my experience, the wok bottom may not be dead flat, but I don't think it should be ripples. In fact, it looks pretty bad from your photo. That being said, photo can be misleading.

        She is correct that the ripple probably won't affect the performance, especially for a gas stove. However, this is not normal. I would try to return it. However, shipping cost may not be worthwhile (it may cost you more to ship than to just buy another wok from elsewhere).

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Chem, do you have the round bottom?

          1. re: smfan

            <do you have the round bottom?>

            The one I bought from the WokShop is flat. (Actually I bought a bunch of woks from the WokShop, and they have always been flat bottom)


            I do have a round bottom one, but that one is from the e-Wok.


            The e-Wok is my favorite.

    1. The picture is really puzzling to me. Can you tell me exactly what it is we're seeing here?

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      1. re: MelMM

        That is the bottom of the wok. I attached another picture that will show it better

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            Yeah, it looks like they took a round bottom and beat the crap out of it to try to flatten it.

            The extra metal, has no place to go, so it ripples.

        1. re: MelMM

          Ms. Chan at the Wokshop said that all of the flat bottom hand hammered woks are like that.

          Since I only have a glass cook top, I am thinking about just getting a hard anodized or cast iron wok.

          The carbon steel woks are a bit thin and I don't think I'll ever get this one to work for me properly.

          1. re: CJ72387

            <Ms. Chan at the Wokshop said that all of the flat bottom hand hammered woks are like that.>

            I love Tane Chan. I used to shop at her real store when I lived in SF. After leaving SF, I must have bought at least 5 woks from her along with all kind of other things. I also got a very nice cutting block from the Wokshop (see these photos):


            All that being said, it is untrue that all hand hammered flat bottom woks look like this. Maybe her batch looks like this, but this not the norm, and they are not acceptable (to me anyway).

            Very tiny amount of rippling is acceptable, but your looks much worse. Here is a photo from a hand hammered flat bottom wok from e-wok:



            <The carbon steel woks are a bit thin>

            Have you considered getting a round bottom carbon steel wok? I really like my hand hammered wok from e-wok. These are true hand hammered woks. "True" because they are hammered from beginning to end. Many so called hand hammered woks are only done at the last step.

            As for cast iron, there are the thick American cast iron woks, like those from Lodge:


            Or the thin cast iron wok made by Chinese: