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Feb 5, 2014 06:32 PM

Mykonos Cafe and Taverna [Albuquerque]

I hadn't been for a while. Took a friend their for dinner a few weeks back. Only half the place had tables and chairs. The menu was a fraction of what the old one was - really basic items. And they charged for pita and oil ! i asked the waiter if it was new ownership; he said they were remodeling and had a limited menu during reno. The food wasn't nearly as good. In looking at their website, I also see they aren't doing lunch.

Anyone have an inside info? I looked on Gil's blog and he doesn't have anything on them, at all.

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  1. Damn, I was just going to go there for the first time this weekend. Thanks for the tip. I'll stick w/ Jasmini's.

    1. Just looked at the website and it says "Mykonos is under new management and closed for renovation until further notice." Guess they decided it was better to shut down altogether than to keep disappointing customers with a partial menu served in a construction zone. My parents tried to go to Seasons for lunch last week and met with the same thing. Maybe it's restaurant renovation season in Albuquerque.

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        I just looked at their website before posting this! It didn't have that notice.

        I asked Gil on his blog and heard from Gil -

      2. Interesting. The many arms of the Daskalos dynasty reach far and wide in Albuquerque.

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          They apparently opened a new Italian Restuarant - the Saucy Italian Bistro on Juan Tabo