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Feb 5, 2014 05:53 PM

The Village Pub, Woodside - Kids

Can anyone advise me if the The Village Pub, Woodside would be remotely suitable for a 4 year old kid? Prefer dinner but brunch is always an option. Not sure on the interior as I've not been there.

I have a tradition of taking my son to a Michelin starred chefed restaurant for his birthday (St John in London, Chez Panisse last year. Am struggling to find somewhere suitable this year short of going to SF or Napa.

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  1. I would say not. I wouldn't say that normally without knowing your particular kid, but it's a really dark wood old clubby feel inside, and I've never seen kids there.

    OTOH, I don't know where better I would send you.
    Manresa - have only looked in after the redesign, seems stuffier.
    Plumed Horse - haven't been
    Chez TJ - maybe
    Madera - most likely. As a hotel restaurant there's a bit more latitude, and it's a fairly noisy room. Still assuming your kid is infinitely well behaved.
    Allspice, Wakuriya - haven't been
    Baume - I wouldn't send adults there

    So... sf's looking pretty good!

    SPQR, for sure....

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    1. re: bbulkow

      Thanks - perfect reply. Agree on Manresa, not only for the design but also the food. Will look at SPQR as an option.

      1. re: shonky

        If you're considering SF, then perhaps State Bird Provisions... seems like the most casual starred restaurant around here.

        FWIW, I think your 4-year old would be fine at Village Pub provided they're well-behaved (as in, the other diners wouldn't be hearing your child). I've seen families with children (though not sure if any were that young), at brunch.

    2. I differ from bbulkow on this, after 15 (?) meals at The Pub over the years.

      Albeit we never had children along, but what stands out at the Pub is the mix of casual and high-end. Some people go there mainly for hamburgers and sandwiches. Especially if your son has been to Michelin-starred places, most of which I find much more formal than the Pub.

      I'm referring here to the general dining room, not the smaller separate ones which are used typically for "events," private parties, wine-tasting dinners.

      FYI Manresa had, at one time, regulars who brought a 2-yr-old for tasing menus. Of course that must be one unusual 2-yr-old. And one who likes that kind of adventurous eating.

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      1. re: eatzalot

        As I have been thinking on it, Madera on the patio is certainly fine. I'm pretty sure they do full menu there; you could call.

        Village Pub is on the bubble for me, especially for a 4 year old. An 8 year old? Sure. It's not like it's a no-family zone, quite the contrary. But very clubby. I'm thinking of my sister's daughter, and we went out at Sushi Tomi last weekend. Caroline was extraordinarily well behaved, a kid at the next table was very good but did start screaming at one point.

        1. re: eatzalot

          I eat at the Village Pub several times a year and can only remember kids at the holiday meals - New Year's (weird?) and Mother's Day (not surprising). Not really a kid's venue at all, but if the child is well-behaved, I can't see it being a problem. I could see people being annoyed if the child was noisy or acting up. Having said that, our friends brought along a newborn to dinner (which I was slightly horrified and very nervous about), but the baby slept through dinner and it worked out OK.

          Brunch is probably a better option - the few times I've gone, there have been very few guests.

        2. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to respond. We ended up going to Zero Zero. Not quite as upmarket as I originally planned but perfect for the family, particularly with a semi-tired son.

          The pizzas are similar to what we get at work (Apple) so he demolished 80% of one. We particularly enjoyed the cocktails as well as the "make-your-own" sundaes with bacon brittle (will definitely have to try that one myself.)

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          1. re: shonky

            Did you have any of the side dishes? I found them better than the pizzas in my outing --- can't remember off the top of my head, some kind of braised leek, etc.

            1. re: bbulkow

              No - it was the brunch menu so I don't think any sides available. Son had the Margherita pizza (very, very similar to that we get at work), I had the Banh Mi (good) and wife had the Tuna Genovese. It seemed "okay".

              Service was strong, even put a candle in our son's ice cream without us requesting it. I would say it is a good casual choice but never going to knock anyone's socks off.

              $120 including tip. Would I go again? Maybe. Not the sort of place I would rave about to any visitors.

          2. I've been taking my son there since he was three (he's almost eight now), so yes, it can be done. We try to go before or after the lunch crowd (not between 12-12:45) and occasionally for early dinners. The staff has always been great. When my son was younger, I always brought something for him to color or play with until the food arrives. He usually has pasta and they have accommodated his preferences over the years for sauce, no sauce, veggies on top, cheese on the side, veggies on the side, extra this or that...whatever they can do, they will. Now my son is into their hamburgers, which I have to say, are the best on the peninsula - hands down. All the vegetables are organically grown - the restaurant tends some land from a farm nearby. Also, the Portola Valley park is about 7 minutes up the road and is one of the best in the Bay Area IMHO.
            Madera is also a fine restaurant for kids. They are able to accommodate nearly any dietary or allergen-free request, the staff is great, it's kid friendly, and there is more natural light coming in thru the windows than at VP. At the VP, I suggest a table by the window or a booth (easier to get to bathrooms or get in and out with kids).