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Feb 5, 2014 05:32 PM

Fun, unique out of towners dinner


I am getting married in Toronto on Sunday June 22, 2014. My future bride and I are looking for a very affordable venue for our out of towners dinner on July 21. We are expecting between 35-50 people. Our initial thought was to hold it at a Chinese restaurant with a private room. Any suggestions? As well, we thought about somewhere like Hey Meatball, Holy Chuck, or Red Sauce if they will rent out the restaurant to us for 3-4 hours. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a restaurant venue? We are open to any type of food. The only requirements is that it is tasty and very well priced. Unfortunately are budget is tight because our resources are being spent on the wedding. In terms of location we are flexible: Front - Wilson and Bayview - Dufferin

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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  1. if you are looking to rent out an entire space on a prime night like a saturday, and hold it for 4hrs you should expect to be virtually paying for 2 to 2.5 seatings.

    also, i believe 50 is beyond the capacity of hey meatball, holy chuck and red sauce. call to confirm.

    - khao san road

    1. Do you have any suggestions? We are flexible. How about a Chinese restaurant with a private room?

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        many can accommodate parties of 50. and some even have private rooms. just be clear to them that you want the space for 4hs when booking. most chinese restaurants will have other wedding banquets that same night and you would just be sharing the room, with dividing partition walls.

        id expect that you would have to agree to a prefixe 8-10 course menu in tables of 10. and can negotiate prices all inclusive of tax and tip. likely in the range of $50-100pp.

        grand chinese at doubletree:

        - khao san road

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          Thanks for the advice. I was thinking more on the lines of American Chinese. China House would have been my first choice if it was still around. rip

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            The Mandarin @ Yonge/Eglinton might have the food/set-up to accommodate your party.

            1. re: T Long

              Mandarin was going to be my suggestion too, otherwise maybe sea hi.

              1. re: justsayn

                Has anyone been to sea hi lately? I'm not sure mandarin is right. Thank you

              2. re: T Long

                Mandarin at Yonge/Eglinton is great. Agreed.

        2. I just had an amazing staff party at Big Crow. On certain days they do a special for 25 bucks per person where they stuff you full of barbecue. One of the best meals I've had in a while, and definitely fun and unique.

          edit: I just noticed this is for a Saturday, this restaurant may not be what you're looking for.

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          1. re: plasticanimal

            Wow - where did they get the BBQ from?

              1. re: plasticanimal

                There have been several threads on BBQ - Big Crow uses a wood-fired grill. It doesn't serve BBQ.

                  1. re: plasticanimal

                    No the other posters are being *******'s they believe that "BBQ" is synonymous with "Smoked Meat as in the Southern US (and the ones that lament that there is no "Real BBQ" in Toronto) and that BBQ does not refer to "Grilled Meat" like almost all Canadians refer to it as.. even though I am pretty sure that Big Crow has a Smoker that they use for their ribs as well as having a huge BBQ Grill.

                    1. re: pourboi

                      That's the thing, even by the strict rules of pedantic snobbery, what I had was definitely barbecue. It seems estufarian had a different experience than mine, but suggesting my experience didn't happen is just weird.

                      1. re: plasticanimal

                        As was discussed on the BBQ thread, people's opinions differ as to what is 'authentic'. But I don't recall any disagreement that BBQ refers to slow-smoked meat (or other ingredient). I have clearly stated that 'authenticity' doesn't worry me and further that I wouldn't object to the term being used loosely with a 'home, backyard' meaning.
                        But, in a restaurant, cooking over a wood fire ISN'T BBQ by any definition I've encountered. And that's what one gets at Old Crow. Or at least that's what I received at Old Crow. If you want to extend that definition to include BBQ - then every wood-fired pizza place is equally qualified to be termed as BBQ.

                        BBQ, to me, implies 'slow smoking'.

                        I didn't call anybody a liar

                        I don't consider the expectation of smoking to be 'pedantic snobbery' when referring to BBQ.
                        And my favourite BBQ place, as mentioned numerous times, is in Wyevale and it (and I) makes no claims (and have not made any claims) that it is Southern, or that Southern is somehow 'more authentic'.

                        If anyone has had BBQ at Old Crow I'd like to know what they had - and if it is currently on the menu. All I have had there was wood-grilled items.

                          1. re: estufarian

                            Let me clear this up. I ate ribs that were slow cooked using indirect heat and smoke. OK? It was served family style on picnic tables, with rounds of pickles, bacon, potato salad, garlic bread, cornish hens, and some other stuff I can't think of right now.

                            OK? Good enough?

                            I don't give a hoot what you had. I told you my experience.

                            1. re: estufarian

                              No semantics... if it is meat and cooked on the grill of the device pictured below then it IS BBQ period..

                              I don't care if it is slow cooked, quick cooked medium cooked.. that device is called a "BBQ" and food cooked on it is BBQed...

                              1. re: pourboi

                                OK Guys - I've reviewed this whole discussion and think my original comment may have been a bit flippant, which seems to have led to some emotional reactions.
                                I still maintain that Big Crow is a grill, not a BBQ, but if you re-read my comments they are ALL directed at the Chow, not the Hound. Please feel free to disagree. This is a discussion board.
                                However, NONE of my posts criticize ANY Hound. I suggest that all respondees show adequate respect for all other posters.

              2. Hot House on Front is fairly reasonably priced and can handle large groups. Most on CH don't have love for Hot House but I do.

                Not terribly unique, but a nice vibe.

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                1. re: magic

                  Anyone, anyone?

                  Any suggestions for an American style chinese food restaurant with a private room?

                  1. re: TheGroon

                    About how much per head , with booze, tax, tip, are you looking to spend?

                    I'm getting a vibe that as this has to be a Saturday night, a restaurant may not be affordable. That's a LOT of people for a decent restaurant on a Saturday night. That's also a LOT of people for not-so-good place.

                    That is a lovely time of year in Toronto(there aren't many), and for the same money, you might have a FUN and UNIQUE party in the backyard of whoever can handle it.

                    The victim, um, host, could use your per capita budget for Indian takeout (ordered well in advance) and laid out as buffet on long rented tables covered in bright colored paper cloths. Hire staff( students from George Brown?) to do the actual work. Also hire a port-a-potty or two. Or maybe a pig roast (again, rent and hire a pro to cook and serve) with Greek salads and dips, fabulous pastries? You could source everything except the meat from Paramount Bakery (which is more than a bakery) and have a classic middle-eastern night. Arriving to a whole pig on a spit is great fun if your pals eat meat. You could go the tapas direction too.....

                    NO friends? Alternative in case of bad weather? Church and community halls (that aren't actually banquet halls and arent' pre- booked for a Saturday in June) already have the tables and washrooms. Your challenge is lighting them...but for years to come all your guests will be using the party favors on their Xmas trees or patios.

                      1. re: TheGroon

                        PF Chang's at The Shops at Don Mills? Other than PF Chang's, I don't think there's much American-style Chinese food to be found in Toronto.

                          1. re: szw

                            Our buffets serve Chinese Canadian food, and the OP keeps asking for American Chinese food. As far as I know, PF Changs is the only American Chinese restaurant in TO.

                            Maybe it's worth the drive to Buffalo to get some genuine American Chinese take-out?

                            1. re: szw

                              OP doesn't want Mandarin....

                      2. my workplace recently rented out dhaba on king west for our work holiday party (for 50-ish people). huge buffet spread of different kinds of salads and indian hot dishes, both meat and veg options, and pretty tasty actually. we had the whole space to ourselves, but keep in mind it was at lunch time. i am sure they might consider dinner time though if you have that many people...