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Feb 5, 2014 04:41 PM

Store-bought miso paste - how long can it be be kept in the fridge ?

Inspired by the "Does kimchee go bad ?" thread.

I buy a small square tub of it every once awhile:

But the last 1/3 for some reason takes forever to finish up, and after a couple of months I just toss the tub completely, even though it may still be usable. Just wondering if there is an intrinsic expiry date after opening ?

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  1. It likely depends on the brand, but my guess is about five years. Lots of salt keeps it from going funky.

    1. A very, very long time. I'd say at least a year, probably longer.

      1. I was gonna say "forever"!?! Have a nice little Asian market near me. Owners are GREAT! First time there was to shop for soy sauce... musta been 6-8 different brand with little/no English on labels. I just asked which brand should I try first... have NEVER be steered wrong.

        Decided to make miso soup... found ALL ingredients there to make the dashi. Miso paste was the only slightly pricey ingredient. The broth was WAY WAY too fishy for me with the bonito flakes! Have had smallish tub of miso in fridge for past few YEARS!! I use it when just about anything needs a little flavor boost... veggies, rice, sauces, stews.

        1. Mine seems to last forever, too! Before putting it back in the fridge, i flatten the surface, put a piece of plastic wrap in contact with the miso, and cover the container.

          1. Cool, thanks everyone !

            Guess I've been tossing them unnecessarily because the surface top became darkened (I removed the piece of wax paper after opening the tub) after awhile and I didn't like the look of it.

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              I know what you mean, i toss mine when the last bits are too hard but the above plastic wrap trick works great.

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                If you transfer the miso from the plastic tub to a jar with a proper lid, you could reduce the degree of drying out.