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Feb 5, 2014 04:25 PM

Oranges for juicing...where?


Can anyone tell me where I can find good oranges for juicing? I would prefer them in larger quantities (dz or more) and seedless. Thanks.

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  1. We buy them by the case at the big fruit store in the Atwater market for oj.

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    1. re: Gloriaa

      Thanks Gloriaa :) Can you tell me which store and how much is it about?

      1. re: Come prima piu di prima

        I don't know the name but it is the only store, not a counter. The price varies between 27-35$. We buy them a lot and the quality is always high.

    2. Is there even such a thing as seedless juice oranges? The ones with seeds are pretty easy to find, though. Green grocers usually gave them by the bag. You can preorder them by the box anywhere that sells fruit.

      Edited to add: There are seedless juice oranges (valencias), but they're not the ones I've encountered. I'm sure they are out there, though.

      1. Thanks. I'll start with the Atwater store. Price seems good for a case. I usually buy the small oranges for $4-5/dz at most grocers, but they lack quality...and freshness.
        The best freshly squeezed OJ I've had, by far, is at the Central train station food court. I should ask them where they get their cases :)

        1. If you want to buy by the case, why not go to one of the vendors at the L'Acadie terminal (a.k.a. Marché Central). Chances are you will get better prices. I have friends who swear by Gaetan Bono (

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          1. re: eat2much

            Great tip eat2much! I just call them and they sell the case of juice oranges $24.

            1. re: Come prima piu di prima

              Curious what type of oranges are those for juicing?

          2. The best place for boxes of Oranges (4/5 bushel) is Leopoldo on the South side of Jean Talon Market. Currently they have juicing oranges from Florida and California (Florida are better) Blood Oranges from Spain and Italian Blood Oranges should arrive next week.I squeeze my oranges everyday 7 months of the year and I get quality from him every visit.

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            1. re: finefoodie55

              Wow 7 months a year! I wasn't aware they provided such citrus variety all year long. I've known Leopoldo for years and I know how great their fruits and veggies can be.
              The only part that sometimes bothers me with Leo, is paying double for a glass of OJ... Thanks for the info, I'll check them out next week, specially their Sicilian oranges!

              1. re: Come prima piu di prima

                I could stretch the season further if I liked South African Citrus. This year the boxes of Fla oranges are going for $28 and the Blood Oranges @$33.Those prices will go down as the season progresses.Also make sure to get some of his Florida Valencias at the end of April the best juice orange known to man !