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Feb 5, 2014 03:46 PM

Pan Bagnat: Le French Tuna Salad Sandwich

I think this may be the best sandwich I've ever eaten! You slice a half baguette in half lengthwise and brush with oo and garlic. Then put in a layer of basil. Make the tuna salad (which is going on the rotation even without the sandwich), wrap tightly in plastic wrap and weigh it down heavily (I used two CI skillets) in the fridge over night. Cut in half and then wrap in foil. We just ate this on the airplane at 35000 feet :) Again, the best sandwich ever.

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  1. Nice combination of flavours there!

    I've made this one quite a few times. Similar but also oh, so good:

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    1. re: jammy

      I'd thought how good HB eggs would be. Thanks. I do really think the "smushing" added a lot. How did I live so long and not know about this beautiful creation?

    2. It's the perfect sandwich for a long car trip. If you want to make day of, just get one of the kids to sit on the sandwich until you get to the beach!

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        Kids are grown and long gone. But Bob can sit on it :) Car trip food for us is so often drive-thru fast food cause we don't want to stop for 'real' food. Now we have something so, so much better.

      2. Yum, you must have made your fellow fliers jealous.

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          Even the flight attendants commented on it! And to elaborate, I used Ortiz Spanish tuna packed in olive oil. Gilded the lily.

        2. Thanks! Another use for my homemade baguettes.

          1. It sounds like a nice sandwich to eat on the ground; not so much on a plane.

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              With a few cocktail napkins it was fine :)

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                  There was really NO fishy smell and I'm pretty sure there were two reasons for that. One was the tuna I used. It's really top notch and doesn't smell fishy. Having used that tuna for several years I was comfortable about that issue. The other was all the other ingredients like marinated artichoke hearts, Kalamata olive, red bell pepper, etc. If there was a smell, it was the combo of those and not the tuna. Smelled better than most airline food :)