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Feb 5, 2014 03:10 PM

CBD Provisions

Two of us had brunch at CBD a couple of weeks ago. First, I acknowledge that brunch is definitely not the best meal to judge a restaurant and hope this was true at CBD. We went for brunch hoping that we could order from the lunch or dinner menu but were told that wasn't possible. Our server was young, green and not the least bit helpful, AFTER we ordered appetizers we overheard another server telling another table about the off the menu specials. We then asked our server about that and she clued us in. We had previously asked if it were possible to get any oysters and were told that they were out of season. Yes, we were told this in January. By far the best thing we tried was the spicy quinoa bowl. It was dish I would have never ordered if on my own but I am glad my guest convinced me to get it. A pimento cheese dip was ok but nothing special. Shrimp and grits were average to a bit above average, A brunch special of fried chicken legs was good but certainly nowhere near the best in Dallas as touted by the server. Roasted chicken was just average as well. The French fries were good. All in all a decent meal but definitely not as good as some recent reviews suggested. I will give it another try at dinner but would probably not return for brunch based on this visit. One final thing--I never comment on prices unless I think they are extremely reasonable or extremely and unreasonably high. I certainly expect to pay a premium at a restaurant located in an upscale hotel. The prices here border on the unreasonable and in some areas (wine list) are just absurd. A bottle of the Prisoner for $100? (For comparison, the same bottle is $58 at Hillstone). I am interested in what others think of the place.

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  1. I have been for dinner several times, and brunch once. The brunch sucked... we sent back a poached eggs dish because they were cold. When they came back the eggs were warm, but WAY too salty (and I'm definitely not salt-averse). However, they handled it VERY nicely. No argument whatsoever when we sent the dish back, and they brought us some pastry to munch on while we waited for the replacement, AND they comp'd the eggs in the end.

    I've also been for dinner several times and it's always been quite good. Not amazing - and maybe not up to the hype - but definitely solid. The burger is outstanding, the pork shoulder is great, the fish dish was good (can't recall details at the moment). I even like their salads. I've had both good and mediocre versions of their steak frites (but yeah - the fries are very good). I have never failed to (overall) enjoy a dinner there.

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      I mistakenly believed (don't ask me why) that we could order from the lunch or dinner menu and would not have gone to CBD had I known we could only order from the brunch menu. That was my error, not CBD's. I am definitely going to give it a try at dinner; the menu looks very interesting. Thanks for the brief report.

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        We went a few weeks ago for dinner and had the goat pot pie, fries and pork head carnitas. The concept is innovative but the flavors and execution lacking. Quite frankly, the leftover pig head in a box was a disgusting thought the next day.

        I would not recommend not return

    2. We had dinner there about three weeks ago. I'd say it was better than average, but not great. For appetizers, we had the toast with 'Nduja Pimento Cheese and arugula and the
      Little Goat Pie with stout braised cabrito. Both were good. In fact, it was hard to choose the better of the two. The toast was good, and the nduja gave the pimento cheese just the right amount of bite. But if forced to pick, the cabrito meat pie might edge the toast out.

      For mains, I had the garlic sausage with spaetzle and braised cabbage. The sausage was dry and fairly uninteresting, and I'm a person who has hardly ever met a sausage he didn't like. We also had the chicken liver toasts. It was a bit bland, but OK. My girlfriend got a dessert that she wasn't too fond of. If I remembered what it was, I'd tell you. But I don't. Unlike Brother Howard, we had excellent service. C'est la vie!!!

      3 1/2 stars out of five. Some interesting things going on in the kitchen, but execution and conception are a bit uneven. My vote is that at the moment, their reach exceeds their grasp. But I'd god back and give them a second chance. Maybe even a third. Wine list is eclectic to a fault, and moderately well selected. Mark ups are sadly on the high side.

      1. Was hoping to try the pig head carnitas during my March visit, but I may look into other options now...hopefully they put more effort into their dinner service.

        1. I originally posted these links on another thread but I think they are more appropriate here.

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            Thanks, that looks pretty incredible!

          2. I've been for brunch several times. I wouldn't say I'm blown away by their brunch (though in all honesty I wouldn't say any brunch in Dallas has blown me away). The stand-out dishes I've had that are worth your time at brunch at CBD are the tripe and the pastries. The pastries are actually extremely good and worth a visit on their own. The plate usually comes with a croissant, financier, muffin and scone.