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Feb 5, 2014 03:04 PM

Stoneacre Pantry in Newport

Enjoyed a truly excellent brunch at Stoneacre Pantry a couple of Sundays ago.

We sat at the small bar and tried a few of their cocktail creations -- very interesting and delicious. But the true stars of the show were some of their small plates: Charcuterie that was amazing, and chicken liver mousse that was outrageously good. The menu was very reasonably priced.

This is an excellent addition to lower Thames.

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  1. We finally got out and tried Stoneacre this weekend and loved it! Great cozy spot and flavorful, fresh food. I appreciated the service that was friendly and not at all rushed, even on a busy Saturday night. Reservations are a must. We had the kale salad and bluefish pate to start, then the monkfish and duck entrees. All excellent. I have to admit though, it was the amuse bouche popcorn that I am really craving right now! Only negative was the not so comfy chairs. They were cute, but pretty awkward to sit in.

    1. +1 for Stoneacre. Great service. beef bourguignon, duck. The lobster app is like a mini lobster roll and generous for its (whatever it was) $12-14.

      And you're right! Those bar chairs are uncomfortable. I hope they swap them out.

      A nice addition to the Lower Thames mafia ;)