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Feb 5, 2014 02:13 PM

Barbados bloggers and foodies needed!

Hi there,

I am writing from a British television production company. We are making a series about street food around the world and will be filming one episode in Barbados in mid-March.

I would be grateful for recommendations of dishes to feature and would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for food stalls, rum shops or simple restaurants where you can eat great Bajan food with the locals.

We're also looking for food bloggers, writers, cookery teachers or general 'foodies' living in Barbados who might be willing to take our presenter around some of their favourite haunts.

Any advice gratefully received!

Thanks so much,


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  1. Not a Bajan but have been visiting for years. Oistins fish fry is really something you should plan on seeing. Thursday night isn't as crazy noisy as Friday. Uncle George's has outstanding grilled seafood. Another "local" kind of spot that we love is Just Grillin'. There are 2 locations one in Hastings across from Accra Hotel and one in Hoeltown. Again, simply prepared grilled fish. Fresh and local. Can mix with the locals at both places. As you can see, we don't really do high end, been there, done that. ( We are from coastal Massachusetts and know our seafood)

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      Thanks Gato! Just how crazy is Oistins on a Friday?!

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        It gets pretty crowded and there is music so all in all, kinda noisy. Having said that, it's worth a Friday visit to see it. Wednesday and Thursday are more manageable and the food is just as good!

    2. Also, if you are focusing on local, there is a woman in St Lawrence Gap who has a tiny place called "Just Stop" she prepare very local dishes and has only a few tables. You can find some bits about her on the internet I believe. She is located at the top of the cricket field at Dover Sports club. I think she is starting to gain in popularity but she is "local"

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        Thanks so much… it looks like she's got some great reviews on Trip Advisor!


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          Mr. Delicious on Enterprise (Miami) Beach. Legendary food van serving some of the best fish cakes on the island. Also has excellent roti, fish cutters and rum punch.

          Top spots at Oistins Fish Fry are Uncle George's and Pat's Place.

          Mojo's on Worthing Main Road serves what some say is the best burger ever. Some of the best casual dining on the island.

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