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Feb 5, 2014 02:08 PM

Anthony Rose New Restaurant - Fat Pasha

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  1. This could be great. I'm a big fan of Big Crow and I love the Ottolenghi recipes. I've yet to try Mideastro but the city could use a fresh take on Israeli/Turkish food. Can't believe Indian Rice Factory is finally closing its doors - place has been there forever.

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      I tried Mideastro recently and was underwhelmed, unfortunately. They use more refined techniques but for me the flavour was lacking. I had the kofta dish, which was nicely presented but at $32 I was expecting something better than what I can make at home, which this wasn't. My dining companion had the lamb duet, which also didn't live up to the promise of the menu description. We both found the food lacked salt.

      I did really enjoy the fig kataiv though, and the service was polished and attentive. The menus I could have done without - giant ipad-like tablets that blind you when you open them up (although I'm sure the more mature Yorkville clientele love them).

      I might go back just for the amusingly named cocktails, the apps (which I didn't try due to time constraints), and desserts - but I'd skip the mains.

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        Big Crow and Rose and Sons are 2 of my favourite restaurants! So I have no doubt that this restaurant is going to fantastic too!! Really excited about it!!

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          My husband and I went for dinner last night. It's a small room but very cozy, it was practically full at 6pm.

          We shared the hummus, latke platter and the roasted cauliflower. The hummus was tasty but I would have appreciated more than one pita given that there were two of us. The latke platter was also good but probably better for brunch rather than dinner.

          The star of the night was the cauliflower dish: it was amazingly delicious and surprisingly filling. Rose serves it roasted with halloumi, pomegranate seeds, toasted pine nuts and two sauces (herb and tahini, I think).

          Would definitely go back!

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            Actually it was totally full at 6:00pm. Tried to do a walk-in and no space available until 8:00pm.

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              I just checked the website, and they take reservations, if that helps.

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                It might have helped if that had been my destination. The long line-up at Stockyards (a dozen people for a place that doesn't seat that many (and doesn't take reservations) meant we dropped down to try Fat Pasha instead. hence the 'walk-in' attempt. Ended up at Universal Grill - still one of my fave places in Toronto.

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              Fair warning: they've increased their prices since the launch. Saw a review today in NOW that mentioned the cauliflower dish we loved so much. Instead of $15 for the whole head, it'll now set you back $18 for the whole head (or $12 for half).

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                California has been having a major drought this spring. Quite possible some ingredients have gone up in price or are costing more than anticipated.

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                  Hyped new restaurant opens with low prices and then raises the prices once it proves to be popular?!?!

                  Never heard of such a thing!

                  (thanks for the warning, much appreciated)

            3. I love this sort of food, but looking at the menu online, some of the prices blew my mind

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                I agree. The prices are ridiculous!

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                      I dunno -- a lot depends on how they serve it (how much, with what, etc.). I know some people were scoffing at the nine dollar doughnut on one of the other threads on here, but if you look at the picture on Toronto Life, nine bucks doesn't seem too unreasonable.

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                        I'll go regardless of the prices. That said, prices still seem somewhat high to me.

              2. Universal Grill doesn't get enough love on CH. It definitely deserves more.

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                  Their hot sauce is fantastic, and you can purchase it to take home.

                2. Just tweeted fat pasha to find out if they have any plans to open for lunch any time soon. Apparently, they're planning on opening for lunch and brunch at some point during late spring/summer, which I think is great news!!!

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                    Given that Fanny's across the street has a line up every Saturday and Sunday for brunch, I definitely see brunch in their near future.

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                      I think they'll do really well for both brunch and lunch. Of course it's a completely different menu and concept, but Rose and Sons is always busy for lunch and brunch. In fact, there's usually a line up for brunch, so I'm sure FP will do quite well.