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Feb 5, 2014 02:07 PM

Looking for restaurant near Musee de Quai Branly for lunch or dinner

My first thought was Les Ombres restaurant, but old CH reviews scare me off (pretty setting; terrible food). My knowledge of Paris geography is still not great; Since the museum is in the 7th, these were restos that I am considering:
La Table de Vietnam, While it looks to be very close to the museum, many reviews I read indicated that the prices were a bit high for the food [perhaps due to the location?]. We ate pretty regularly at a small, family-owned Vietnamese restaurant at home, so we're used to very good food at very reasonable prices. Perhaps the Parisian counterpart might be a disappointment;
Restaurant David Toutain -- I know it's one of the "hottest" new restos, but I like the Dan Barber/Blue Hill inspiration. I also feel like this meal would be more formal than La Table de Vietnam!
Le 122: Is this owned by the couple who used to run the now defunct Hier et Aujourd'hi in the 17th? We had had an amazing meal there our first trip to Paris.
Alain Milliat -- maybe I want to just try their fruit nectars?? Do people find the menu too limited?

In compiling this list, I realize that all four restaurants offer very different experiences. We are not those who have to eat at "the best" resto in the area. We're basically looking for a memorable meal, and one where we don't feel that we've had to pay exorbitantly for the privilege.

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  1. Aux Marches du Palais.
    10 minute walk away.

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    1. re: Parigi

      That just shows how geographically challenged I am -- I didn't think about crossing the river and going into the 16th! I couldn't locate a web site?

      1. re: Parigi

        I have not found a website for Aux Marches du Palais, but according to a Michelin site, the restaurant is not open on weekends? C'est vrai?

        If that's true, we'd probably go there for dinner on Friday (we arrive mid-afternoon) and then stroll over to see the Eiffel Tower lit up [I know it's touristy, but we've never seen it lit!]

        1. re: Parigi

          I have been looking for their website/email address so I can make a reservation, but I've been unsuccessful. Does the restaurant not have a website? Worse comes to worse,I can always call them and attempt a reservation in my so-so French!

          1. re: bauskern

            You can use

            but don't book too far in advance... less chance of the rezzie getting "lost" ... and re-confirm by phone a day or two before.

            if anything goes wrong, plan B: Restaurant Le Galliera on the avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie across from the Musée Galliera in the 16th
            Carrette on the place Trocadéro in the 16th

            1. re: Parnassien

              Merci beaucoup! I had earlier gone onto the lafourchette site, and while it was entirely in French, and although I thought I had clicked onto the "free" application, there was a release waiver to read and I couldn't follow all the legalese. So I hesitated and didn't complete the reservation request. We will be arriving on a Friday night, so my hope was to get a 7:30 dinner reservation. I know that that is early for Parisians, but one thing we have noticed is that because the restos are a little quieter at that hour, the wait staff have a little more time to interact with us, and to explain some of the dishes that we can't translate. With Aux Marches du Palais, if we didn't make a reservation, do you think that tables would be available at that early hour or would we be out of luck?

              1. re: bauskern

                You can go to -- the English language version of LaFourchette – and use the same reservation site in English. -- Jake

                  1. re: Jake Dear

                    Not as easy as I had hoped. To register you have to supply a postal code, but when I typed mine in, it said that it was not in the correct format. I know the format in France is very different from the US. If you have a suggestion for anything other than the five digits, I'm all ears!

                    1. re: bauskern

                      I just checked my Fork/Fourchett "account settings" -- and altho I see a box for postal code, mine is empty, and so apparently I signed up without entering that info -- you might try the same. -- Jake

                      1. re: Jake Dear

                        As it turns out, I called them up directly, and lo and behold, they are closed on the nights we were interested. While they are open on our last night, we were hoping to dine at Circonstances on that last night (one of the few restos open on a Monday night, and one that was definitely on our *list*) - - - that being said, we'll just find another resto in the same area!

                  2. re: bauskern

                    Just a guess, but I think you could get in at the Marches but why not reserve? As Le Marais said "What's the downside?"

            2. La Table du Vietnam is indeed a little expensive but the food is really excellent.

              1. For a reliable trad meal and very good price/quality ratio, Parigi's suggestion of Aux Marches du Palais is perfect for lunch or dinner.

                For a marvelous wine-pairing experience, Il Vino on the boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg... a bit pricey and not much choice (you choose the wine by the glass and then the chef gives you what goes best with it so it's really a reverse dégustation)... cuisine is pan-Mediterranean but the "frenchness" is there... I remember a great value and very quick lunch menu for around 30 to 40 € but, having just checked the confusing website, I see no mention of it.

                The best foodie experience would indeed be David Toutain. Love it. But it usually turns out to be a very long meal and so you should consider whether it can easily fit into your schedule (and your budget... it's pricey !)

                Table du Vietnam on the ave Bosquet, I share Talbott le Vénérable's and Ptipois' enthusiasm for it. Not an authentic hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese resto by any means but more of an upmarket colonial Indochine version. Purists may not approve of it... but we less-than-pure Parisiens like it a lot. Pricey for dinner but some excellent lunch "formules" that soften the blow.

                And yes, le 122 is fab ... I don't think (but not sure) a successor to the Restaurant Hier et Aujourd'hui in the 17th (which has moved to the 2nd and was re-named Caractères now aka Circonstances). Anyway, le 122 is a great bargain for lunch... although a bit of a hike from the Quai Branly.

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                1. re: Parnassien

                  Given my wife's allergies to red wine, sadly I think we'll skip Il Vino, though the wines/pairings sound fabulous.

                  Le 122 sounds like just the sort of perfect bistro for us . . . reasonable prices at lunch, and a nice selection of dishes [5/5/5]. Given how everyone "in the know" seems to agree on Aux Marches du Palais, I think that that is where we'll go after the museum.

                  And David Toutain sounds like just the place for a "special lunch." Four days in Paris, and you have all helped me pick three of our meals! I'm salivating already. . . .

                2. "Le 122: Is this owned by the couple who used to run the now defunct Hier et Aujourd'hi in the 17th?"
                  Despite using the same "Hier et Aujourd'hi" it's not the same. Le 122 is run by Farid Saidi who is a real sweetie-pie and for a year or so has had a wonderful new chef; great choice.
                  Also as Parnassien said, the Table du Vietnam is not as expensive at lunch; my pal & I got out for 107 E which for this tony an area is fine.

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                  1. re: John Talbott

                    I still think La Table du Vietnam is expensive. Or I should rather say it's not great value: of course the products are excellent, the cooking skills perfectly sound, and the experience is quite fine on the whole. It remains one of the only Vietnamese restaurants in Paris with the "genuine" taste after all the better ones disappeared one by one between the 1980s and the early 00s.
                    Although there are good and cheaper alternatives, this is the one where the cooking is the most refined. Besides, the place offers great value for wine: excellent bottles at less than 30€.

                    The downside is that considering the quantities served, the prices are not entirely justified, Septième or not. A "bun" should include more than a small pinch of rice vermicelli. And if they insist on serving it on a flat white plate (instead of a bowl where you can mix things), then they should do it Hanoi style, with plenty of lettuce and herbs to make your own wraps.

                    In spite of these small remarks I still recommend the place very warmly. I'll go again, and again.

                  2. On rereading your post it occured to me that you're looking North and West, but looking East and South you've got the Concert de La Cuisine and the Casse Noix.

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                    1. re: John Talbott

                      John, that is because I naively thought, well, if I'm in the 7th, then that's where I should be looking for restaurants, not realizing that if I crossed the river, there would be restos nearby, though not in the same arrondissement. We would probably pass on Concert de la Cuisine, since I've never really been a big fan of Japanese cooking (my loss, I know!). But Le Cassenoix looks absolutely wonderful, and we're adding it to our list. The problem I foresee is that we're only going to be in Paris for four nights, and already I see my list filling up . . . (Aux Marches du Palais; Le 122; Cassenoix; maybe David Toutain as the "splurge" meal . . . .) there's just not enough time. As a side note, my wife and I just re-watched Midnight in Paris, and I said, Oh that looks like a nice hotel! . . . and then I Googled the rates -- I think the cheapest I found was 800 euro per night!!! Needless to say, I'm looking elsewhere for hotel/apartment!