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Feb 5, 2014 01:55 PM

Good restaurant for birthday dinner in the inner East Bay?

Going out to dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday. Alameda/Berkeley/Oakland. Looking for something a little upscale (they don't do hole in the wall type places) The hitch is, I am the picky eater of the bunch. I am a plain Jane steak and baked potato type gal, dining out with very adventurous eaters. And though it is my birthday, I don't want to subject my family to Sizzler. lol So does anyone have suggestions for where my family can have an exquisite meal where I can still get a great plain steak? Thanks!!

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    1. Level II - looks boring, but it is a steakhouse.

      I used to like going to Townhouse in Emeryville or even Trader Vics to be silly, but have not been lately for update on quality.

      Other places recommended to me Marica and Wood Tavern, but I haven't been yet (I have a steak loving friend, but we have been trying the SF places - I was underwhelmed by Bobo's).

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        Wood Tavern's great. Reservations essential.

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          Townhouse would be good if you went on a weekend, when they've had this delicious (underscored) prime rib as a special (call to check it'll be on offer before booking).

          I second Cafe Rouge.

          Wood Tavern--food great, but tables too close/noisy

          Marica good, not great.

        2. A Cote on College Ave could probably make adventurous and less adventurous eaters happy.

          At Hopscotch, you could have a burger and the rest of your family could have other things on the menu.

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            I love A Cote, but there's nothing really simple on the menu, everything has a foodie-pleasing touch. There's usually?/always? a steak, but it's sliced tagliata-style and served on / with complicated sides.

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              Yes I looked at A Cote, but as Robert said, even the steak is fairly 'fancy'. I want a happy medium where we can all find something we will enjoy. But thank you all, I am finding some great places to look up that I didnt know about!

            2. Sidebar (Grand Avenue by Lake Merritt) it serves a fine steak and great burger, as well as other stuff for the rest of the family. Great cocktails and wine, too.

              It's, perhaps, a little more casual than Wood Tavern, but still suitable.

              1. I haven't been in ages but Rivoli on Solano has been a great place and may have the balance you are looking for.

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                1. re: Ridge

                  I like Rivoli, but don't think much comes as unadorned as the OP is seeking.

                  1. re: sundeck sue

                    Yeah, Rivoli's kind of like A Cote in that way. No simple food.