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Feb 5, 2014 01:41 PM

Worcester, Sunday meal

Two couples rendezvousing in Worcester to have a Sunday meal. Early dinner, perhaps. We're not brunch fans.

One of the party is very allergic to fish and seafood. Local is good. Meat OK, veggie delightful, and no chains please. What you all suggest?

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  1. Armsby Abbey for eclectic and interesting, or Via for excellent Italian with a very good menu

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    1. I agree with all those recs. Armsby Abbey has by far the most locally-sourced menu in the city, creative and informal. There's a big emphasis on craft beer and cocktails, too, and a hipster vibe.

      Via has more of a "grownup restaurant" feel to it, and as JP says, the menu is great -- you can put together a wonderful meal from apps, pizzas, and salads, or choose from a very wide range of meat and pasta dishes.

      Across the street from Via is Volturno, which specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza. Atmosphere is informal.

      Just down the street from Via you will find Pomir Grill, a charming family-run Afghani restaurant that's BYOB.

      Finally, as SC suggested, Bocado is always fun for people who love sharing good food. Nice mix of traditional and modern tapas (don't get the full meal, it's too much), and nice Spanish wines.

      All these places will have menus and info on line. Enjoy your visit to the city!