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Feb 5, 2014 12:47 PM

Dinner 7ish on Sunday close to the airport

Looking for ideas so that I can drive to meet people who are overnighting at the Hilton before flying out in the AM. They are between flights so carless but I plan to drive in from the burbs. Ideally I'd like to be able to park someplace (probably in the middle of the next snowstorm but certainly before this one melts much). We love to eat and are adventurous about it but also want enough atmosphere to be able to sit and talk for a few hours. I'm not familiar with the Eastie restaurants - the ethnic options sound great but I need to know that the atmosphere is not too austere.

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  1. They can take the silverline from the terminal and meet you in the seaport district where parking is plentiful. The area is loaded with restaurants and there's a thread going on now about Trade, a nearby place. The silverline from Logan is free.

    1. If you wanted to eat in Eastie, Rincon Limeno (Peruvian) is very good and a nice atmosphere. 2nd heading over to the seaport district as well - lots of options. I have always enjoyed Legal Harborside for a solid meal.

      1. Just to add that the streets and parking lots of east Boston are usually tough to drive after a storm.

        1. Nah, no need to feel proud - it's my sister and she lived in Boston ages ago. I just want to be able to hang out and talk comfortably and not eat boring food. My guess is that knowing my luck the snow gods will prevail and I'll wimp out.
          But I'm also not into squeezing through tight unfamiliar streets, fighting snow-weary residents for parking.

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            Not ethnic, but I think Ecco has parking and is nice. Rino's or D'Amelio's for casual Italian, but parking could be tough.

            1. re: ocean266

              Love to eat and abdenturous about it huh....Eastie is definitely for you and your sister. Rincon Limeno would be my choice too.

              I for one would like to stand up for the residents and the food businesses of East Boston.
              There is nothing embarrassing about your part of the city, and your pride shows with the lunches and dinners that I've enjoyed over the years.
              I've never had a problem parking my car, or walking the streets.

              1. re: Infomaniac

                I guess a post was removed regarding a dig/negative comment about Eastie which is my reason for standing up for the area in my post above.

                1. re: Infomaniac

                  Eastie is awesome and I've been going there all my life. Santarpios pizza is as good as it gets.

                2. re: Infomaniac

                  I love eastie and generally have good parking karma, but it might be tough to find street parking some places with all the snow. Rino's could be tricky, for example. They are also likely to be pretty busy Fri/Sat. evenings.

                3. re: ocean266

                  Just an FYI: Rino's is closed on Sundays. Rincon is a great choice or perhaps you might want to try Belle Isle seafood
                  across the line in Winthrop. If you were looking for something
                  a little more upscale but reasonably priced, the Winthrop Arms
                  Hotel in Winthrop has wonderful food and valet parking. Also
                  I was recently in Jeveli's in Day Square and the food was really great! There are so many great restaurants in East Boston it's really hard to decide!

                  1. re: rob44

                    I really like Jeveli's for an old school red sauce place. A warm and comfortable place to linger and talk too.

                    1. re: rob44

                      I second Belle Isle Seafood. It closes at 7:00, though.

                  2. I'm coming up with a lot of ideas to explore for the future but am limited on this outing to Sunday at around 7. Looking like Rincon Limeno is a good possibility since a lot of places are closed Sunday evening.
                    thanks for all the ideas!