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Feb 5, 2014 12:10 PM

Chicago Tasting Dinner for $100pp??

Hello, I'm looking for a tasting dinner in Chicago that's going to be good but won't break the bank. I'm trying to get ~$100pp (food only though if I could get food and wine for $100 I would do a happy dance!)

Looking for something traditional and in downtown Chicago (I've already been told no to "iNG" which was my first suggestion.) Was thinking of Naha but it's a little above my price range.

Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. I absolutely love iNG, but it is ultra modern - so definitely not a traditional fine dining experience. If you can expand outside of the downtown area Boka is a short cab ride from there (in Lincoln Park neighborhood) and might be a great option (though I am not certain their new menu will offer a tasting menu option - this information should come out next week when they reopen). Boka has phenomenal food, is well under $100 before drinks/tax/tip, excellent service and nice ambiance (probably even better after their current remodeling wraps up later this week).

    If dining on a weeknight, Elizabeth in Lincoln Square neighborhood would be in your price range; Elizabeth is an incredible dining experience but also skews more towards modern than traditional.

    Tru would probably offer the best traditional tasting menu in the downtown area (other than Grace which is $$$$), but their shorter option (seven course) is a bit above your price point (it is $115). Outstanding restaurant though if you decide to splurge. Blackbird in nearby West Loop may fall within your price range; I have not dined here recently though so cannot speak much about quality. MK (just north of downtown) also is a nice place within your budget; but like Blackbird it has been a while since I dined there.

    Until recently the Lobby at the Peninsula hotel would have been a no-brainer, but they recently lost their head chef, both sous chefs and pastry chef (all now are at Boka); it is a bit of a risky option right now until more feedback comes out regarding their current kitchen talent.

    If you are open to Japanese or Mexican cuisines then Kabocha's kaiseki menu or Topolobampo's tasting menu would also be options.

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      Just read that Boka will no longer have a tasting menu, but the new (a la carte) menu looks divine.