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Feb 5, 2014 09:38 AM

Looking to purchase really good flour tortillas on the Westside.

Looking to purchase really good flour tortillas on the Westside.
PC Greens in Malibu has Gracias Dias ones that are great, but we
need to try other great tortillas in other places! Even Gracias ones available in another place would be welcome.

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  1. Tacos Puntas Cabras makes their own tortillas and packages them for retail sale, but I think - but not positive - that theirs are only corn. But you can call and check.

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    1. re: Wayno

      Thanks Wayno~
      I called and checked and they only do corn tortillas.
      I need flour;no LOLye

    2. Check With Maria Tortillas Near LAX They make large ones for Burritos and Tostadas but I'm not sure about smaller ones which are Taco Sized.

      5606 W Manchester Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90045
      (310) 670-2645

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      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        Thanks for this. I will call, and try to work it into one of my routes. Although it is farther than Malibu, perhaps, given some of my other errands it could be convenient.

        I'm so spread out~Woodland Hills for pizza ingredients, Culver City for French bread, little Ethiopia in WeHo for injera, and now LAX for tortillas!

      2. Don't know if you ever tried Trader Joe's truly handmade flour tortillas. I like them a lot.

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        1. re: STEVEMIU

          Me too. I also heard of a new spot in SaMo called Mondo Tacos that opened today or yesterday and they use handmade tortillas there. Don't know if they are flour or corn or both. But perhaps they sell them as well.

          1. re: STEVEMIU

            I'll have to check theirs out...

            I'm actually partial to the poquito mas flour tortillas in a pinch.

            1. re: ns1

              what and where are those found ns1?

          2. Frida has very good tortillas.