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Feb 5, 2014 09:24 AM

Dumpling House (Central Square)-- details & Chinese name?

The awning recently went up at Central's forthcoming Dumpling House, and it was reported that some of the partners in this venture are affiliated with Gourmet Dumpling House:

I'm wondering two things: 1) Has anyone heard anything about what the menu will be like? And 2) can any Chinese-equipped hounds read the words on the awning and tell us what the place's "other" name is? (This might be revealing, since the Chinese names often diverge from the English ones; for all I know, the restaurant's "real" Chinese name could be "This is Not Actually a Dumpling House, Stick to the Seafood")

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  1. the chinese name says "south and north homeland." the menu will most likely be similar to the one at gourmet dumpling house

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    1. re: galangatron

      Thanks! I'm excited for this place to open; I hope it will indeed be another outpost in the GDH/Taiwan Café lineage

    2. "Stick to the Seafood", ha. Made me chuckle. Not as fun but Buk Kyung means Beijing in Korean - it's just the Korean pronunciation of the same two characters - as the focus is on Korean-style Chinese food. Maybe it's common knowledge...

      1. I was peeking in the window today and a very friendly woman invited me in (maybe one of the owners?) she said they might be open in about two weeks and showed me a freshly printed menu. Looks very similar to gourmet dumpling house menu but more options and lunch specials.

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        1. re: AmeliaEats

          Thank you for this update!! I'm really excited for this place to open; I live nearby, and if this restaurant is even half as good as Taiwan Café and GDH I'll be there so often that they might as well keep my coat slung over a chair...

        2. i was excited about this coming to CSq, but then i saw a post from MCSlim, iirc, where he preferred Dumpling Cafe over this place. But then again, there are CHs who really like GDH...

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Taiwan Café has been my favorite among the "trinity," though I also like Dumpling Cafe a lot. In general, my luck at DC has been restricted mostly to its "higher-end" offerings; sometime last year I did a post about my disillusionment with the cheaper end of their menu, and to this day I continue to have mostly bad luck with $10-and-below stuff there (noodles, soups, lunch specials, and several of their small plates). But for more ambitious seafood items in the $12-and-above range (like their fine Szechuan fish, seen in MC S's photo) they're pretty great. And of course they blow away all the Chinese food available within walking range of Harvard Sq, though on a good day even Panda House could probably manage this modest triumph...!

            1. re: eatinjeff

              Both mulan and qind dao garden are good and located in Cambridge even if they are quite a hike from Harvard Square.

          2. dumpling house at 950 Mass Ave in Cambridge will be open monday, April 20, according to a sign.

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            1. re: cambridgedoctpr

              This is major news; I'm going to stroll by tomorrow and see how things look. Thanks for the heads up!

              I've also had good luck at Mulan and QG, and also at Zoe's. I've always thought that if any one of those three--or any other solid, authentic Chinese place--was to set up shop within a quarter-mile of H. Sq, it would have grad-students & faculty & tourists lined up around the block like Coloradans when the dispensaries opened. Now we'll see...!

              1. re: eatinjeff

                The new Dumpling House at 950 Mass Ave is 0.6 miles from Harvard Square on foot; it's somewhat closer (0.4 miles) from Central Square. So it's not really within range of Harvard for lunch. (Zoe's in Somerville is 1.0 miles from Harvard Square on foot.) But I'm certainly looking forward to having it in my neighborhood! I agree that the Square doesn't have anything competitive in quality with Zoe's or MuLan.

                1. re: owades

                  I lived closer to central than DH (by about a block) and it was less than a 10 min walk to most points of interest in harvard square (as OC mentions, it's not an exact location).

                  How is that not within range for lunch?

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                    Think you're right that it's out of Harvard-lunch range but sure they'll do just fine. Enjoy having Dumpling House in your neighborhood!