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Feb 5, 2014 09:04 AM

best brasserie in paris

We are looking to eat at least one meal at a great brasserie. Any suggestions?

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      1. Our 2 favorites are La Rotonde and Garnier.

        1. La Rotonde closed for renovations after New Years and will reopen the end of March - just in case anyone is heading there soon.

          1. Antonia:
            Some of us here have decided not to respond to "The best"'s requests knowing that except for Parnassien, none of us have been to them all.
            What you'll get is an individual's hobby-horse(s).
            Why a brasserie anyway?

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            1. re: John Talbott

              Excellently put.
              1. "Best" has no meaning.
              2. Brasserie is in general a defeatist genre. Why brasserie ? Why confine yourself to a genre of mostly bad restaurants ?

              1. re: Parigi

                "Why brasserie ?" For "one meal," this is very understandable to me. I was at that point in our first few visits, and still look for that atmosphere every once in a while. Some seek to soak up ambiance that they've seen depicted or read about from yesteryear. And if you stick to fruits de mer, or some cooked to order dishes, it can be a good and fun time. *Sometimes* it's just not all about the food. By the way, we like the Rotonde (but closed for renovation, as noted) and the little Brasserie de L'Isle Saint-Louis. -- Jake

                1. re: Jake Dear

                  Great points; can't can't agree with you more. When we have guests visiting, even those that are obsessed with food, we always have a great time at one of the brasseries: Le Rotonde, La Coupole and Bofinger after Opera Bastille. They are uniquely Paris and the people watching is terrific.

              2. re: John Talbott

                One of our friends who visited Paris many years ago remembers brasseries as being great places to eat. I have tried to disabuse her of this, because few people on Chow mention brasseries when talking about good food. But I wanted to find out what people on Chow thought when actually asked about brasseries.

                Certainly sound like great places to eat lunch or have a drink and watch the world.