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Feb 5, 2014 08:51 AM

Supper Club / Dinner Event for 10?

Hello all,

I'm looking for a unique experience for a 25th birthday happening in the end of March. Can anyone recommend an out of the ordinary type of experience for this event? I've thought about an underground dinner / supper club event but am unsure where to start with this.


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  1. I'll leave it to others to recommend places, but I'd like to describe what my friends did for me on my 25th. It was a complete surprise.

    First, appetizers and drinks at a cool place where, while we weren't the only people there, my group represented more than half the guests.

    Next, sit down dinner in a private room/wine cellar of a terrific restaurant that was walking distance from the drinks place.

    Last, dessert and coffee at the apartment of one of the people who planned the party--also walking distance from the dinner.

    Some people were only able to join for part of the celebration.

    Definitely the best birthday or any other celebration I've been to, except for my wedding.

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      Could you possibly share the names of the places (especially the restaurant?)


    2. My wife booked out the whole counter at Kappo (at Ma Peche) for my birthday and it worked great. Only 8 seats though.

        1. I would, but I believe neither place is still in business (this was a really long time ago!--yet still, truly memorable).

          The place for drinks was on way west 23rd Street, on the north side of the street (McFeeley's?). Then we had dinner at Harvey's Chelsea Restaurant. Perhaps someone knows if there's another restaurant in that space now.

          1. As already mentioned, the large format meals are a good way to go. I've heard good things about Kappo at Ma Peche but haven't done it yet. We just did the chicken/lamb rice at Ma Peche last week and while it was a good time, I don't know how out of the ordinary you would consider it.

            I would suggest the whole animal large format feast at Resto.
            While many places in the city do whole chickens or whole suckling pig, Resto offers much more in terms of animal options and nose-to-tail experience. The excellent beer selection will probably also be more festive. That being said, they changed chefs recently so I don't know how that affects things.

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                If you like the idea of the whole hog (pun intended) check with The Breslin and DBGB, I know at certain times they offer it. They also do other large formats:


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                  Nice, I didn't know the Breslin added that many more large format options. This might be where our group goes next. Their whole pig was excellent when we went a few years back.