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Please recommend braising recipe for dinner party

with preferably a less expensive cut of meat... having a dinner party of 6 this weekend. thank you!

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    1. Sauerbraten! It's a great winter dish.

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        The name is offputting for some people - the idea of "sour" meat, and all. Of course, it's piquant but not sour. A great dish that isn't made often enough because even though it's easy, the lengthy marinating means planning several days ahead. Call it German pot roast or something else, be sure to do the red cabbage. Homemade spaetzle if you have the time, but storebought egg noodles are just fine, too.

        Green beans would be a nice additional side, and complementary color. It's a hearty enough meal that you don't need an elaborately rich dessert. Something with nuts would be nice....maybe maple walnut or butter pecan ice cream with some crisp, thin cookies like Biscoff or Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux. Or Maple-Mocha pudding (search for recipe on this board).

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          Yes. I second the red cabbage and homemade spaetzle which are the necessary side dishes.

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          If you are like my husband though, the sauerbraten needs to be prepared at least three days in advance. But we always make it with bottom round, one of the cheapest cuts of meats. And yes, always served with red cabbage.

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            I agree, the meat must be marinated 3 days, and maybe even 5. I too use bottom round. It's a great dish and really easy to make.

        3. I haven't made it yet but this Bon Appetit pork shoulder recipe got rave reviews on this blog:


          1. I can often find bone-in short ribs at a very reasonable price. Braise and serve over noodles, rice or mashed.

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              Do you have a favorite side you serve with your short-ribs (other than the starch element mentioned)?

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                Polenta is a good side dish for short ribs.

              2. Pork Shoulder usually is among the cheapest cuts at the market and pulled pork is always popular and pretty much foolproof

                bone-in for anything will add flavor to your braise so chose that if you can

                1. You might want to take a stroll through the threads from when All About Braising was COTM (twice). If there is a recipe that appeals you can likely find it on-line or someone here would paraphrase it for you if you don't have the book. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/330177

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                    Ditto. Molly S has a delicious recipe for (dried) apricot pork shoulder that might suit your purposes

                  2. thank you for the pork suggestions- you are all right it is essentially foolproof. however, i made that last week;) any suggestions for something equally foolproof, perhaps in the beef family?

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                      Pot roast of either chuck or brisket. I second the recommendation to look at the All About Braising discussion(s).

                    2. This is the easiest, cheapest and best beef stew. I sub water for stock or it is too salty. You can use cubed chuck instead of blade. Enjoy!

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                        gloriaa, looking at the maple syrup in that recipe... is it too sweet?

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                          No. It is a real crowd pleaser. CI has a new modern way of braising, you put raw meat in the pan add liquid to come up three quarters of the way and cook uncovered and let oven do the browning and reducing for you. I tried it with this recipe and it worked making it the easiest recipe I know.

                      2. Follow a Mexican theme with pork carnitas, or pork chile verde. Serve with Spanish rice, frijoles, and a simple green salad. Do Guacamole, and salsa fresca as accompaniments, or starters with chips. VERY budget friendly.

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                              this does look very delicious and it doesn't get easier than SB chicken thighs

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                                ok it's down to the tamari recipe, the coq au vin or possibly a beef burgundy.

                            2. Chicken leg/thighs with lemon wine and garlic.

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                                Or braised in cider and cider vinegar. Mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage with apples. I prefer just thighs but that doesn't really matter.

                                1. Chicken Marengo is quite nice, using various chicken cuts, tomatoes, black olives, one of my favorite dishes. Cook's Illustrated has a great recipe in their book.