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Eating Out Virginia

Looking for some killer restaurants in Richmond Virginia. All styles of food are applicable here. I just want the best of the best. If it is a food truck or double white linen, I am game.

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    1. I lived in Charlottesville (Barboursville) among the vineyards, but I don't know the Richmond scene.

      1. thank veggo - I have heard tons about Barboursville octagon, are there other iconic local wines to look out for?

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          The Horton winery in Barboursville is small, but their tasting room is very accommodating with friendly staff, I met the owner there a couple times and learned a lot. As I recall, he is a Kansas City businessman with a fun hobby. I became a regular customer while I lived there.

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            Barboursville Vineyards is also good and has Palladio attached as a restaurant.

          2. Comfort and Pasture (same chef, Jason Alley)
            http://www.cancanbrasserie.com - straight up French Bistro
            Rappahannock Restaurant - http://www.opentable.com/rappahannock...
            Oysters, seafood and cocktails
            Strawberry St. Cafe - Diner

            All of Cary St., especially in Cary Town you can find wonderful little joints doing great stuff. Specialists in cheesesteaks, burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes and so on.

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              nice list ...web

              all look excellent and up my alley. was hoping for some more offal at the brasserie but happy to see smaller communes given a little space on the wine list.

              is there a good greasy spoon for breakfast?

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                Sadly the best one just closed after like 40 years or something, joint called Perly's. The City Diner is really good, though: http://www.citydinerrva.com

                Also, a bit out of downtown is The Continental Westhampton http://thecontinentalrva.com Great stuff of every possible sort, it seems.

                For offal, maybe take a look at Bistro Bobette where they always have sweetbreads on the menu and often have other fun parts and bits as specials: http://www.bistrobobette.com

                The folks at Heritage do a lot of in house charcuterie http://www.heritagerva.com

            2. For Brunch: Millie's Diner
              For Greek: Stella's
              Comfort food: Comfort
              Nice dinner: Acacia
              Italian: Edo's Squid
              Indian: Anoaka and Lehja

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                great thank you.

                what about the controversial subject of BBQ?????

                what to do about that?

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                  I'm curious about BBQ options as well.

              2. In addition to what's here already, I would add the Roosevelt, Dutch & Co, Postbellum, Lamplighter (really good sandwiches as well as coffee, all with a super hipster vibe), Chez Max, Deco, Lunch, Croaker's Spot, Don't Look Back, Saison (for great drinks) and the Black Sheep. As far as BBQ, there are as many opinions on that as there are people. My personal favorites are Benny's and Q. For offal, there is a place on Belmont near the Belmont Butchery, I just can't think of the name right now!! Help!

                1. Lots of good food trucks, too. I like Boka for tacos (the asian style with kimchee is probably my favorite). Pizza Tonight has delicious pizza. Super Fresh, Mosaic, Magna Carta, just a few of the others off the top of my head. Follow Hardywood for gatherings with great beer and great food truck action.