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Feb 5, 2014 06:49 AM

Puerto Rico trip report Jan 2014

I did a fair amount of looking at Chowhound prior to our recent trip to PR, so I thought I would report back on some of our favorites:
Jose Enrique: We went here the Saturday that we arrived. I was a little concerned about not making reservations and whether or not we would get a table. The hotel recommended arriving there at 5:30, though the restaurant doesn't open until 6:30. We did and were able to get our names on the list. In the meantime, there was live music and a party like atmosphere in the nearby plaza, so the wait was actually kind of fun. The food was delicious and some of the best seafood we had on the trip. Very pleased
Marmalade: We thoroughly enjoyed the 5 course tasting menu. It's expensive, but considering the quality/quantity of food that we got, a relative value. My only criticism is that the courses were initially coming out too quickly. We asked our waiter to slow down the pace. He was very accommodating, and asked before bringing subsequent courses. It must be a challenge for restaurants to know how customers want their dinners paced, but I appreciated their willingness to slow things down at our request.
Metropol: We were staying at the Ritz in Isla Verde. This was a far better option for lunch than the generic, overpriced hotel food. A decent option for those staying in that area. Huge amount of food, so could definitely share if you aren't too hungry.
Espana: We got sandwiches here prior to heading to the airport. The other food and pastries looked good. Sandwiches are large enough to share.
We stayed for 4 days in Luquillo. We loved trying out the kiosks. #2 lived up to the hype. The food was delicious, but it's pricy. Our favorite was #20 (Terruno). They make a great mojito, reasonably priced, and great view. Loved the arepas here. The service was friendly, and they didn't seem to mind that we ordered slowly to better pace our meal. They also had great live music while we were there. You could make a meal out of the apps.
Barbakoa was a fun spot where we stopped after a long hike in El Yunque. Beautiful outdoor seating overlooking the river. The cornish hen and mofingitos were favorites.
La Estacion in Fajardo was also very good, with very fresh ingredients.

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  1. Thanks for that trip report. Can't wait to try out the places you recommended.

    1. Mountaincachers, did you try any restaurants in Luquillo other than the kiosks?

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      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        The only place in (near) Luquillo that we ate besides the kiosks was Barbakoa, near the rain forest. It wasn't far to drive to Fajardo for La Estacion. There also was a metropolis in Fajardo. We didn't try it, but did like the one in SJ.

        1. re: mountaincachers

          Thanks! I book marked barbakoa. Are you aware of any fresh fish markets in the area? The condo we are renting has a grill and I'd love to buy some local fish to BBQ.

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            We didn't find a fish market, but we weren't really looking. We had a kitchen, but no grill. We used our condo for breakfast mostly. It may be worth posting a question to find out.
            At Barbakoa, I would definitely try the cornish hen. We also liked the empanada de pastelon and mofongitos. Servings here (like many of the restaurants) were large. We ordered too much and took leftovers back to the condo with us.

            1. re: mountaincachers

              Thank you! Were you at the Playa Azul condos? We are really looking forward to our trip.... so soon!

      2. Thanks for reporting back, mountaincachers.

        Happy you had good experiences at Marmalade and Metropol.

        I still have not been to Jose Enrique.

        I long for PR . . .21 F and sunny here.